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Friday CU Buff Bites - Now Back to your regularly scheduled Football

 Colorado_mediumBrooks: Cabral Wants Warm Reception For Players -

This week also has found Cabral speaking before a couple of area Buff Clubs - in Greeley on Thursday, in Denver on Friday. And here's another first: On Friday night for the Buffalo Stampede on Pearl Street, he'll give up his customary role of watching the CU Band from the sideline and join the parade.

"I've never walked with the team (in the Stampede) because I enjoy watching the band so much," Cabral said. "I usually watch at the starting point, walk up the mall after they pass, come back and watch some more. I love the band's energy. "And I love seeing my guys look into the crowd and see me . . . it always kind of shocked them."

...Speaking to the Coaches Group, an off-shoot of the Northern Colorado Buff Club on Thursday, Cabral said he wants two things to occur Saturday for a team that desperately needs something good to come its way. "One is a win, that more than anything for them," he said. "And two, is for our seniors to have fan support. These guys are true Buffs. They've cried more, bled more, sweated more than any other players on the team. They deserve a sendoff this week and next week (against Kansas State).

"I don't want anything out of this. I just want them to experience victory and the support of our fans . . . and I want the younger guys to see the support they can expect when we go to the Pac-12 (next season)."

Colorado_mediumPregame Adjustments Made For Saturday - - For the final two games this season, the University of Colorado is asking former football players to ramp up support for the Buffs as they hit the field behind Ralphie for the Iowa State game Saturday (11:30 a.m. MT kick).

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Short Takes From Tuesday's Changeover

All quarterbacks wear bulls-eyes, but the one sewn on Cody Hawkins' back for the past four years has become a monster over the past three days. The guy can't stunt its growth, much less get rid of it.

"I'm wearing Black and Gold, and (Brian) Cabral talked about having a Black and Gold heart. I believe that inside my chest that I have one of those." Bottom line: Those who know Cody best - his teammates and coaches - say he would never walk out on them or do anything else to sabotage the team in the wake of his father's firing.

"He's a warrior," senior linebacker B.J. Beatty said. "He won't quit. He'll play his heart out."

Colorado_mediumBarnett: Outside expectations don't match financial support for CU Buffs - Buffzone

"I think what happens is nationally, on the outside, people perceive CU and Boulder to be like it is in Oklahoma, like it is in Nebraska, like it is in places where we have defeated programs and played for national championships and played for league championships. "

And in reality, we've scratched along and found a way to be competitive on those levels without having that same sort of culture and environment that other people have. And as long as that culture and environment doesn't change and remains the same, then it's going to be a constant scratch and claw.

After the jump: TCU's defense de-bunked and other Non-Colorado football; plus... CU Basketball? Find out!

Colorado_mediumBoyle comes full circle - Buffzone
Tad Boyle has enjoyed March madness at the Coors Events Center before. The former Greeley Central star won a state title in the building in 1981. Nearly 30 years later, Boyle returns to the court as Colorado`s head coach trying to turn the uncelebrated program into a consistent winner. "That was a long time ago," Boyle said of his days a prep phenom. "When you`re a high school kid this feels like the Superdome. It`s so much bigger than your high school gym. ...

Colorado_mediumTCU's Rise To BCS Power And Dominating Defense Somewhat Mythbusted For The Layperson -

TCU is No. 3 in the BCS Standings. But they didn't come from now where. A brief history of the Horned Frogs program, and a break down of their dominating defense.

...When you've driven people in Utah to public nudity, there's really not much else to say about how frustrating playing the TCU defense really is.

Colorado_mediumTHE CFB BUYERS' GUIDE: UP-AND-COMERS - Every Day Should Be Saturday - Which programs currently offer you a prime buy-in opportunity without just looking like you're leaping onto a crowded bandwagon? We've made our picks below.

Colorado_medium’90 Buffs Awaken, Punch Another Ticket For Miami -

In their next-to-last regular-season game, the Buffs took their time in disposing of Oklahoma State for their eighth consecutive win. When it was finally accomplished, CU had quarterback Darian Hagan to thank; he threw a school-record four touchdown passes as the Buffs pulled away for a 41-22 victory.

OSU coach Pat Jones had wanted to force Hagan to pass, believing that was preferable to having Hagan and tailback Eric Bieniemy torment the Cowboys' defense with the option. But Jones didn't want to force Hagan to pass that accurately.

He completed 12 of his 23 throws for 237 yards - then a high in the Bill McCartney era - and the four scores. The win clinched at least a tie for the Big Eight championship and put the Buffs on a fast track for their second trip to Miami.

Go Buffs!