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Freshman Running Back Justin Torres To Leave The Buffaloes

Posted from SB Nation Denver. H/T to mam2jd for his fan post.

Buffaloes true freshman running back Justin Torres has decided to leave the Colorado Buffaloes indefinitely. Torres, from La Mirada, California is the only freshman running back to receive playing time this season with 58 yards on 14 carries.

Hawkins said he was dealing with personal issues, including home sickness. He left open the possibility that Torres might return.

"We'll see," Hawkins said. "People ask me if kids (today) are different. I don't think they are, but their lives are 8,000 times more complicated. There is a combination of things there."

Redshirt freshman Quentin Hildreth will move into the #3 running back spot behind Rodney Stewart and Brian Lockridge.