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Weekly Staff Discussion - The Buffs head to Norman Short-Handed

Which works, because this week we're short-handed, too.  The weekly staff discussion follows the same format as before, but with just David and I, it's more like a chat.  As always, please post your answers to any of the questions as we ramp up to gametime.

Buffs Questions

1) 7:15. Halloween night. On the road against an angry Sooners team. What are you best and worst case scenarios for Saturday's game?

David: Best case: Baylor or TTU. Winable game that we let slip away.
Worst Case: Cal

Ash: Best Case: We somehow snatch victory from the jaws of defeat against OU (again) and win, 24-21
Worst Case: 60-0 I'm sure that technically, it could get worse, but I'm not going to entertain the thought.

Give us your own answers and read more of ours; after the jump.

2) If Cody has to miss only a play or two (or a series) who do you think the coaches should send in?

David: A play or two? Run the option with McKnight or Clemons. A series or more? Well it depends. Are we winning or keeping it close? If so, you've got to go with Hirschman. He is our next best QB. It sucks, but it's the best option.

Ash: The thought of Scotty going in is entertaining; perhaps there are some special plays they run after lulling the defense into thinking that he'll only hand-off to the RB's. Other than that, I don't really like our options; a bigger or faster player would be nice, but your QB needs the knowledge; and Scotty has it.

3) What's your prediction for the Buffs next 5 games?

Ash: Yikes. I'm going to take the only sensible approach and say we'll eke out 3 wins. Anything less would be painful, and anything more would boggle the mind.

David: My outlook is no longer all that rosy. I see at most two more wins. I think only Kansas State and Kansas are winable games, yet Kansas State has played really really well at times this year, and Kansas is on the road. So we could also lose out...hello consecutive three-win seasons...yikes

College Football Questions

1) Of the 7 remaining unbeaten teams (Auburn, Oregon, Boise St., TCU, Michigan St., Missouri, and Utah) how many of them will still be unbeaten at the end of the regular season? (Reminder, TCU and Utah play on Nov. 6th)

Ash: I think we'll end up with 4 unbeaten teams in TCU, Boise St., Oregon, and Michigan St. (And Oregon and Michigan St. both cheer for their last year of no conference championship game)

David: I could everyone but Utah still undefeated at the end of the regular season, with maybe Missouri & Auburn losing in Conference championship games, but I think we could have as many as 5 undefeated teams going into bowl season, which means...

2) Do you think a non-AQ school will play for the national championship this year? Who?

David: No. I see a season with more than two undefeated teams, and therefore, the undefeated teams from the AQCs will be playing for the Nat'l Championship. There will be at least one or two deserving teams that don't get to play for the Championship

Ash: (I realize now that this question is semi-redundant) No, I don't think enough of the unbeaten AQ teams will drop a game to let Boise or TCU into the national championship game.

3) If an unbeaten non-AQ school is left out of the national title game, do you think it will bring about playoffs for Division I-A?

David: It won't bring about a playoff. As much as we would like it, it isn't feasible. That's a whole article unto itself, which maybe I'll write during bowl season...hmmm

Ash: No, I think that the powers-that-be have a very strong interest in maintaining the status quo. That said, I was genuinely surprised when all the conference expansion talk turned out to be real and wasn't just espn generating page-hits during the off-season.

Awesome Question

1) What are you going as for this Halloween and what is your favorite costume that you have ever worn?

Ash: My favorite was junior year of undergrad; I grew a full beard and then bleached every hair on my head, and presto! I was Obi-Wan Kenobi.  It was bizarre, I didn't recognize my own reflection.  This year is an old-fallback as I'll go dressed as Peter Gibbons, complete with an Initech name-tag an a total lack of work ethic.

David: Since I'm helping to run a Haunted House this year, I won't get to go out in costume. But I'll be playing a Butler, so that's what I'll be dressed up as on Halloween. But my best costume ever has to be the Nin-Jew. I dressed up like a Ninja, but I had a big big beard, so it became the Nin-Jew

Go Buffs!