Are CU Fans Mean?

And no, this isn't meant to be trolling, just curious about your honest answers. I am going to be heading to Boulder for the Iowa State game here in a couple of weeks. I do not have tickets yet, but am confident I"ll be able to find some between now and the game without too much of an issue.

What I'm more somewhat concerned about are CU fans. I've never been to Folsom before, but from reading around, it sounds like CU fans have kind of a bad rep in terms of how they treat opposing fans. I'm not saying any of this is necessarily true, but curious on what people's takes are on here.

If I go to the game, sit in the non-vistor section, will my life be miserable during the game? I'm the kind of guy who just rocks my teams colors and cheers to myself. I'm not one of those guys that gets all crazy, and tries to rile anybody up. That said, I want to have a pleasant experience and enjoy the game. Is it better if I just don't wear any team's colors?

On a personal level, I have no animostiy towards CU at all. My wife actually works at CU, and I'm going out there to visit and take in the game.

Just want to know your take, along with any tips you may have for fans of opposing fanbases (what to do, not do, etc). I know nothing is guarenteed, but am just wanting to minimize my risks. Thanks!

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