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2010 BlogPoll Week Nine Ballot - Missouri And Michigan State Remain Undefeated

Next Five:
26) Clemson
27) NC State
28) San Diego State 
29) Hawaii 
30) Pittsburgh

See my Big 12 Rankings as well as some notes about my ballot after the jump...

Big 12 Rankings:
1) Missouri
2) Oklahoma
3) Nebraska 
4) Oklahoma State
5) Baylor
6) Texas
7) Kansas State
8) Texas Tech 
9) Texas A&M
10) Iowa State
11) Colorado
12) Kansas

Notes On The Rankings:

- As soon as I moved Oklahoma up to first, they lose to Missouri. Blast. Oregon gets the call over Auburn for now, but they are really 1a and 1b in my mind. I'll pick a true #1 this weekend after Oregon plays USC this weekend, they're first tough game of the season. 

- For now, I think the Sooners are the second best one-loss team. I watched the Missouri game over again and other than the fact that OU got absolutely zero pressure on Blaine Gabbert, I am still very surprised that the Tigers one that game. The Sooners blew a lot of opportunities.

- As boring as some national writers are making it out to be, I actually feel like a Missouri - Michigan State game would be a great match up. Two very solid, well built teams. That being said, they are both over ranked and will each finish with at least one loss.

- Big 12: How shocking was the Texas - Iowa State game? Certainly makes our match-up with the Cyclones seem a little bit tougher doesn't it. At least, we aren't the only team with quarterback issues. Texas A&M is now considering starting Ryan Tannehill over the preseason Big 12 player of the year. Has to be disappointing for the Aggies.

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