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Help Out Bruins Nation, The Colorado Rick Neuheisal Days

The great SB Nation UCLA site, Bruins Nation recently sent me some questions pertaining to the playcalling during the Rick Neuheisal days here at Colorado. Since most of you can do a much better job than I can of helping them out, I decided to pose the question to the board.

Here's the question that was asked of me:

While we have been really happy with Neuheisel's recruiting, his disciplinary actions, it's the playcalling that has been perplexing.

From what I can remember from watching the Colorado and Washington teams under Neuheisel, they never came across as being conservative (my memories here are built on bowl games and the high profile Pac-10 games at UDub).

Do you guys remember having issues with Neuheisel due to his conservative playcalling? It's something we have been very surprised by at UCLA. Would love to hear your thoughts on it if you have time. Cheers.

Do me a favor on this one. Please DO NOT turn this into a Rick bashing post. We all know how most of us feel about Neuheisal and quite frankly so do the UCLA fans. Keep the comments strictly about his playing calling while he was here at CU.