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Weekly Staff Discussion - Time To Rebound Against Texas Tech

Welcome to our weekly discussion amongst The Ralphie Report's staff. Same format as last week, so dig right in.

Feel free to throw your answers to the same questions into the comments below.

Buffs Questions:

1) The early season Georgia and Hawaii wins are looking better and better and the Missouri loss doesn't look quite  as bad as it did at first after the Tigers dominated A&M on the road. However, the Baylor was a game that the Buffs needed to win, and the faults of the team aren't quite as readily apparent as they were in losses to Mizzou and Cal. What is the one thing that the Buffs needed to do and didn't against the Bears?

Bob: Stop Robert Griffin... Baylor made plays in the second half, Colorado didn't. When the teams are pretty evenly matched, it comes down to that. It is easy to see what Colorado is missing when a player like Robert Griffin comes to town and makes what has been a pretty solid CU defense look confused. 543 yards later, Baylor gets a rare road win and the Buffs are now 0-2 in conference play.

Ash: 1) I think the Buffs needed me to not be a groomsman for yet another out of town wedding. I didn't see the game, but in reading the play-by-play the one thing the Buffs needed to do to win was manage the clock at the end of the game. We were down 21-15 with 1:54 left in the 3rd when we recovered Baylor's fumble. I took us 3 and a half minutes to go 13 yards and get a field goal. Our next drive, down by 10, we took four and a half minutes to go 44 yards for a touchdown; and that's just way too slow. I think all our wasted time in the 4th lost us this game.

David: The Buffs really needed to challenge the Baylor wide receivers on those bubble screens. I think we can all agree that the defensive gameplanning has been much better than the offensive gameplanning overall this season, but I thought that was a weakness against Baylor. If we played our cornerbacks closer to the line of scrimmage, we may have been better able to limit Baylor's passing game.

Jon: It was a pretty weird experience re-watching this game. Even after I knew the final score, I still felt like we were going to win. I know Robert Griffin III is a stud, but this team is not going to win games where it allows 543 yards. Not a chance. The defense has to step up in a big way against Texas Tech, fortunately they won't have to deal with the threat of a running quarterback because we did not handle that well. 

2) What do the Buffs need to do to get a win this weekend?

Bob: First concern that comes to mind is giving up the big play with the lack of experience at safety. That means getting pressure on the quarterback with the front four is critical because I doubt CU will blitz a lot leaving the safeties on an island. On offense, I wish they would challenge down field more and get the ball into Toney Clemons hands. He is a playmaker that is underutilized. And yes, ROLL TYLER HANSEN OUT OF THE POCKET.

Ash: We need to get 250 rushing yards, and that has to translate into ball control. Tech is 6th in the nation in passing, but if they're off the field then it doesn't matter. I honestly think we can win if our defense can continue to defend the pass, and our offense can routinely get touchdowns instead of field goals.

David: Score points. Plain and simple. We will give up some points to Texas Tech, just like we have to the last few teams we've played, but we won't give up a ton. We just have to be able to put some points on the board. I'm talking thirty-plus. That means efficiency in the red-zone, not turning the ball over after long drives, and taking advantage of short field position.

Jon: The defense needs to continue to play tough and force turnovers. We have to win the turnover battle on Saturday to take this game. On offense we need to get Speedy going on the ground and hit Clemons and Patterson on a few play action plays to keep em honest. Need to see a big effort from the Buffs tomorrow.

3) It's looking more and more like the Buffs will be in a division with USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State and Utah. If that ends up being the case would you be happy with the outcome?

Bob: Yes, worst possible outcome was Washington St, Washington, Oregon and Oregon State. We like to recruit in both Arizona and California so this should make everyone happy.

Ash: Agree with the bolded If, but I'd be ecstatic. Guaranteed exposure in SoCal and Az would be great. People might complain about the competition, but I say we have to win the Pac-12 South regularly, or we don't deserve to play.

David: And we are! I'm excited, though I'm not sure we'd win a single division game right now. I'll be living in LA, so I'll get at least one 'Home' game a season.

Jon: Well, it wasn't official when I wrote the questions, but now that it is I love it. I really can't wait to form some new rivalries with the South teams (here's looking at you Utah) and my brother and I have already made a pact to attend the CU-UA every single year and it's going to be great.

CFB Questions:

1) If the season ended today, what match-up would you want to see in the national championship?

Bob: Tough. Part of me wants to see two matchups. Boise State v Oklahoma for obvious reasons. Oregon v Oklahoma because there is some history there plus I think my head would explode with the tempo of the game.

Ash: I'd vote for the big-O showdown - Oregon vs Oklahoma, and hope ol' Bob doesn't lay an egg.

David: Definitely Oregon, but after that I'm torn. I know Oklahoma is the easy choice, but I'd also like to see Oregon vs. TCU or Boise State. I know I know, they're unproven vs. top competition, but I feel like they would be great matchups.

Jon: After watching the Oregon-UCLA game last night I definitely have to say Oklahoma-Oregon. Can you imagine the amount of plays that would be run with those two offenses? You wouldn't be able to take a bathroom break until half time and the pace would be sickening. 

2) As of right, what three games left on the college football schedule are you most anticipating?

Bob: Colorado vs Nebraska because when it is over, change should hopefully be on the way. Iowa vs either Michigan State, Wisconsin or Ohio about being able to play your way back into the national championship. Alabama vs Auburn...yes, I have a man crush on Cam Newton

Ash: Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Oklahoma-Missouri will be riveting...right up until the opening kickoff; but I'm excited for some later games; namely the Bedlam game, the Iron Bowl, and Colorado-Nebraska.

David: Is it too easy to say CU vs. OU, NU and KSU? I don't care if it's easy, that's my answer.

Jon: The Iron Bowl, TCU-Utah, OU-OSU, CU-Nebraska. I did four. It's cool.

3) Give me the final scores:

- Oklahoma @ Missouri
- LSU @ Auburn
- Wisconsin @ Iowa
- Nebraska @ Oklahoma State
- Kansas State @ Baylor

- Oklahoma @ Missouri - 27-17
- LSU @ Auburn 13-31
- Wisconsin @ Iowa 21-24
- Nebraska @ Oklahoma State 28-27
- Kansas State @ Baylor 31-34

- Oklahoma 30 @ Misery 17
- LSU 14 @ Auburn 27
- Wisconsin 28 @ Iowa 20
- Nebraska 35 @ Oklahoma State 27
- Kansas State 38 @ Baylor 42 

- Oklahoma @ Missouri 37-33 OU
- LSU @ Auburn 41 - 13 Auburn
- Wisconsin @ Iowa 24-21 Iowa
- Nebraska @ Oklahoma State 31-17 OK State
- Kansas State @ Baylor 41-33 Baylor

- Oklahoma @ Missouri 31-17
- LSU @ Auburn 20-21
- Wisconsin @ Iowa 20-24
- Nebraska @ Oklahoma State 17-28
- Kansas State @ Baylor 28-31

Awesome Question:

1) Music day: What's your favorite song at the moment?  (Click to play em)

Bob: Damn, what does music sound like again...working long hours is horrible. I guess anything by Dave Matthews or Guster right now since those are the next two concerts on my calendar.

Ash: Magic by B.O.B. -  yeah, I know. It's got a good beat though, so sue me.

David: Come on Home. By honeyhoney. Awesome band, great song with a great build.

Jon: REMIX. Grizzly Bear vs. Little Wayne. 2 Weeks 'Til Prom. Plus, it's Weezy Friday