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Larry Scott To Announce Detailed Plans For The Pac-12 Conference Thursday

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Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott will announce detailed plans for the future of his conference tomorrow at 12:30 mountain time as part of a live telecast.

We should assume that the announcement will include a formal plan for the football and basketball divisions and possibly some insight into any revenue sharing agreements that have been made. The Buffaloes are widely speculated to be a part of a "south" division that will also include USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, and fellow newcomer Utah, while the "north" division will include Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, California, and Stanford.

Also, rumored is an extra payout to USC and UCLA until the money from the Pac-12's new tv deal starts finding it's way to the member institutions.

Sources familiar with the Pac-10's recent discussions over the expansion issues say the presidents will vote on a proposed $2 million-per-year payout apiece for USC and UCLA above the other 10 members of the new Pac-12 until the year that combined broadcast revenues reach a certain threshold. Then the 12 members would share equally.

You can tune into the press conference at We will be bringing you updates and analysis as it happens.