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Wednesday CU Buff Bites - Colorado gets ready as Tech Looms

Tech is looming, and not in the, "we're making authentic native american handicrafts" way.  But first:

Colorado_mediumEDSBS'S BEST IN CLASS: WEEK 7 - Every Day Should Be Saturday - It's a little late, but EDSBS hands out gold stars and 'grape job!' stickers from Week 7. Laughing at others' misfortune IS a legitimate way to cope with loss.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Tuberville's Team Trying To Find Its Legs -

When it switched football coaches, Texas Tech went from a swashbuckler to a traditionalist. No surprise here, but the Red Raiders have encountered transition pains in Tommy Tuberville's first season. "Our offensive line, since they've been here, they haven't been on a team that tried to run the ball much and so it's changing a language," Tuberville said on Monday's Big 12 coaches' teleconference. "You've got to slowly learn it, get better at it and get more physical."

Colorado_mediumBuffs optimistic Smith can play - The Longmont Times-Call

Facing a Texas Tech team that ranks among the best in the country at throwing the ball, the University of Colorado football team needs to be at its best. That means having a healthy Jimmy Smith on the field. Three days after Smith suffered a mild concussion, CU coaches sounded optimistic that the star cornerback will be in the lineup for the Buffs (3-3, 0-2 in the Big 12) on Saturday afternoon against the Red Raiders (3-3, 1-3). "Jimmy didn’t practice (on Tuesday), although we expect him to get going," head coach Dan Hawkins said. Defensive backs coach Ashley Ambrose also said he felt Smith would be OK to play.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: All 'Speedy' Needed Was A Little Push -

Football coaches need to be part psychologist, part drill sergeant, part priest, always knowing which button to push and when. This week's case in point is Darian Hagan, who as Colorado's running backs coach is dealing with a delicate situation - a couple of them, in fact. To keep Rodney "Speedy" Stewart bouncing along at his current pace - just under a 118-yard average in his past four games - Hagan believes Stewart needs to know another CU back is gaining ground, closing the gap between backup and starter. I asked Hagan if appearances were correct, that Jefferson had moved to running back and immediately moved ahead of redshirt freshman Quentin Hildreth and senior Cory Nabors. Here's how Hagan answered: "'Q' would fill in for 'Speedy' first in that (overall) role; he and Cory have to know everything - they're emergency guys. But with the specialized plays and the little bit of runs that we're giving Will, he doesn't have to think a lot, he can use his natural instincts. He can help right away. 'Q' and Cory can be effective, but right now they have to understand it's 'Speedy' and Will, then those two."

Colorado_medium College Football BlogPoll Rankings, Week 8: Hooray Us, Hooray Oregon - - Week 8 of our college football rankings, as voted on by hundreds of bloggers, has Oregon still at No. 1, with Ohio State taking a big tumble. 

Colorado_mediumAnd lastly, David Ubben thinks that the No. 1 Sooners still have plenty to prove - Big 12 Blog - ESPN.  Seeing as they're playing a mizou team that OU beat the crap out of once in '06, twice in '07, and for the Big 12 again in '08 just for good measure; I'm going to say, yeah, not so much.

There'd be more links except Buffzone won't load on my computer today... Go Buffs!