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Post Game Celebration Thread - Colorado Buffaloes Beat the Georgia Bulldogs 29 - 27

Colorado_mediumAUDIO: Dan Hawkins Talks About the Game

Colorado_mediumAUDIO: CB Jimmy Smith, RB Rodney Stewart, LB B.J. Beatty, QB Tyler Hansen

Colorado_mediumFirst off, great win by the Buffs. Good teams make big plays when they need to and that is what this team did tonight. Plenty of times, they could have folded. Georgia took a 10 point lead, they could have folded. Georgia was moving into CU territory looking like they were going to kick the winning field goal. Colorado responded. That is a sign of a team that is growing.

Colorado_mediumQuote of the post game - Tyler Hansen on playing on the road next week - "It's time to sac up a little and play better on the road"

Colorado_mediumColorado has developed into a very solid running team. Last week, they pounded on Hawaii. This week, they took an almighty SEC team and beat them into submission up front. CU rushed 47 times for 235 yards, good for a 5.0 yard average. I don't care who they play, that is impressive. Rodney Stewart led the team with 149 yards on 19 carries including a 65 yard run.

Colorado_mediumQB Tyler Hansen made some very big plays tonight, especially on third down. He was great with his feet, moving around in the pocket, converting through the air and on the ground. He finished the day with 51 yards on the ground and 158 through the air but most of those yards were at clutch times during the game.

Colorado_mediumBig stat: Colorado 7-15 on third down. These weren't normal third downs either. They were long and the Buffs converted.

Colorado_mediumTime of possession against visiting team's are a big deal in Boulder. Last week against Hawaii, the Buffs wore down the Warriors. This week, Colorado had 34 minutes of possession to Georgia's 28. The Bulldogs were visibly winded in the fourth quarter. WR A.J. Green commented "I felt it a lot (the altitude), this being my first game back. It was hard for me to keep my breath, but I fought through it." The Buffs establishing a running game is wearing down people.

Colorado_mediumPenalties, only three. Great improvement over prior weeks and last year.

Colorado_mediumCB Jimmy Smith has really separated himself as a dominant cornerback. Time after time, he is making plays. Other players who are really making an impression: DE/LB Josh Hartigan, LB B.J. Beatty and DL Curtis Cunningham. Other than the A.J. Green show, this defense has shown great improvement over last season.

Colorado_mediumSpecial teams is still holding this team back. Long returns, a couple short punts and a missed field goal. Need improvement there (broken record).

Colorado_mediumOverall, again, great win. Missouri is next week, on the road, where the Buffs haven't won since 2007. Two wins in a row is a big step. A win on the road is the next big leap.

Go Buffs! Feels damn good to celebrate!