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Upon Second Viewing: Colorado vs. Baylor

I didn't see this game, so this is technically my first viewing...not important.


What is important, is that the coaches really are failing this team. We actually had some of our best playcalling on Offense in this game, but we also had some really, REALLY bad playcalling in this game too. We lost to BAYLOR at HOME. I don't care how good their Quarterback is (don't get me wrong, Robert Griffin III is really, REALLY good), we're talking about Baylor. BAYLOR! That right there says it all.

And on special teams, it looks like our blocking on the punt team is getting even worse. Grossnickle was doing an excellent job of snagging bad, slow snaps and getting kicks off before the rush got to him. A rush that was aided by poor technique and positioning by the Special Teams blockers. Really Kent Riddle? You haven't noticed that this was a problem? The blocked punt last week wasn't an indication of a problem? And on the Rugby style punts, you have Grossnickle run TOWARDS the pressure?

Sorry folks, I'm just absolutely mystified at what Riddle has been teaching these guys. Clearly it's not football.

More "analysis" after the jump.

Also, speaking of Special Teams, why did it take you three years to threaten to bench Aric Goodman? Did you notice how much better he kicked when he thought his job was in danger? That's called coaching, folks. If it takes them three years to make each adjustment, then we're going nowhere fast.

We forced three turnovers against a team that had only had five in the previous six games, and yet we couldn't turn that into a win. We got another 100 yard game from Speedy Stewart, and yet we couldn't make that work for us. We FINALLY started to get our talented playmakers at Wide Receivers involved in the game plan, and it didn't matter. Baylor committed nine what? Our Offense couldn't get it done, yet again. And we needed an improved performance out of the Offense to make up for losing Anthony Perkins. Sure, Jered Bell led the team in tackles in Perkins place, but that doesn't tell the whole story. Perkins was the guy that lined everybody up, he was a leader, and he was the more consistent of our two Safeties.

What else do people need to see? This coaching staff isn't able to get it done. We force three turnovers against a team that only turned it over 5 times in the previous 6 games, yet we don't get the win. We play BAYLOR at HOME, and yet we don't win--I don't care how good Robert Griffin III is, it's still Baylor. We finally, FINALLY begin to incorporate our talented playmakers at Wide Receivers into the game plan, yet we don't win. We get another 100 yard performance from Rodney Stewart, yet it doesn't make a difference. We DOMINATE in terms of time of possession...who cares?

Guys are playing hard out there, but you only look so good in a bad scheme and with poor play calling. What else does the administration need to see? Sure, some of the position coaches are doing fine jobs, while the schemes in which their players are forced to perform are terrible. Guys like Ambrose, Cabral and Prince (it's not his fault his receivers get inaccurate passes and only get to run two yard outs) are guys I'd like to keep around, maybe.

It's tough to be a Buffaloes fan right now. Geez.