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Baylor Bears At Colorado Buffaloes Preview (Sort Of)

Sorry for the lack of posting today, but pretty much all of us are either traveling or super bogged done with work. So below I am posting the preview that I did for SB Nation Denver. Feel free to comment or throw up a fan post with your thoughts about the game this weekend.

Baylor Bears @ Colorado Buffaloes - Boulder, CO - 5:00 FCS
Colorado Pick

Buffaloes fans had high hopes last weekend as Colorado headed to Missouri with hopes of getting past the road losing streak and moving to 4-1 on the season. Unfortunately the game against the Tigers followed a familiar script with the Buffs getting shut out and looking inept on offense and the defense having to try and hold off the Mizzou attack for as long as they could.

While last weekend was a huge disappointment that lost most of the good will that the win over Georgia had garnered, this time is still right on schedule with most optimist's projections. This opening schedule was not an easy start, in fact it was probably one of the hardest first five games in the country. Georgia will still end up being a solid bowl team when all is said and done and Hawaii is rolling with an offense that looks to be nearly unstoppable.

In order to stay on track for a bowl appearance, Colorado will have to take care of a better than expected Baylor Bears team in Boulder on Saturday. Many expected the Bears to better this season with the return of Robert Griffin III, but the Baylor offense has proven to be even better than advertised, putting 55 and 38 points in their last two games against Big 12 competition. The CU defense held the Hawaii offense to 18 points less than their next lowest output this season and a similar performance will be needed against Baylor.

The Buffaloes offense, possibly rattled by the goose egg in Columbia and the quarterback shake-up that took place, will need another solid home effort with at least 28 points probably needed for the win. Rodney Stewart will need to run hard and stay healthy (with backup running back Brian Lockridge out for the season) and quarterback Tyler Hansen has to get the ball to wide receivers Toney Clemons and Travon Patterson.

For the Buffs, this game could determine whether or not they are traveling or sitting at home this bowl season.

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