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2010 BlogPoll Week Seven Ballot - Alabama Loses, Sooners Or Ducks For #1

Next Five:
26) Miami
27) Michigan
28) Texas
29) Virginia Tech 
30) Florida

See my Big 12 Rankings as well as some notes about my ballot after the jump...

Big 12 Rankings:
1) Oklahoma
2) Nebraska 
3) Oklahoma State
4) Missouri
5) Texas
6) Kansas State
7) Baylor
8) Texas A&M
9) Texas Tech
10) Colorado
11) Iowa State
12) Kansas

Notes On The Rankings:

- I entered my poll on Monday. If I did it today I would put Oklahoma at #1. They have the best resume of any team not named Alabama (before the USC loss of course). Oregon's best win is against Stanford, and that's it. Tennessee just got shellacked by a Georgia team that lost to... well you know who. How's this for a stat, of Oklahoma's last seven games (all wins), five of them have been wins over ranked teams. One of the two unranked teams (Cincinnati) will win the Big East for the third year in a row (yes, you heard it hear first). Critics were quick to dismiss Bob after he lost a lot games against ranked teams over the past few years, now that he is winning them again the media seems to be dismissing the achievement.  

- Auburn, South Carolina, Alabama, LSU and Arkansas. These teams are just going to beat up on each other all season. While LSU will certainly be undefeated next week as well, who wants to bet that Arkansas will take down Auburn this weekend?

- The only other big drop this weekend was Arizona. We certainly knew that they were going to lose at some point, and Oregon State gets 10 times better in conference play every single year, but you have to protect your home field. That's why I dropped the Wildcats below an Iowa team that they beat.

- Big 12: After the teams that I have in the top 30 (Oklahoma, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Texas) how do you rank the rest of the conference? Kansas is at the bottom, that we know. But Tech, A&M, Kansas State, Baylor and Colorado are all bettor's nightmare's. All five of those teams could beat, or lose, to any of the others.

Discuss away!