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Colorado Football Opponent Watch - Grid Style


Opponent Record Last Game Next Game Comments/Link
CSU 1-5
L 27-49 @ Air Force vs UNLV This is CSU's best chance to win a conference game...or any game
Cal 3-2
W 35-7 vs UCLA @ USC Cal's played very well at home, but you have to travel some time...
Hawai'i 4-2
W 49-27 @ Fresno St vs #21 Nevada Hawai'i has back-to-back games against their  conference deserters, and gets Nevada at home...
Georgia 2-4
W 41-14 vs Tennessee vs Vanderbilt Dawg Sports has decided their QB is now allowed to do more than just not lose games
#19 mizou 5-0
Information unavailable @ Texas A&M A&M and Tech are both busting out their new uniforms when they play missouri.  Why didn't we think of that?
Baylor 4-2
L 38-45 vs Texas Tech @ Colorado! Tubs and Hawk vouch for RG3; and BJ Beatty takes responsibility for everything, including special teams and his hair.
Texas Tech 3-2
W 45-38 vs Baylor vs #18 Oke St Tech returned to old form in a game with 83 points and almost 900 yards of passing.
#6 Oklahoma 5-0
W 28-20 vs Mack Brown vs Iowa St Do you like slideshow-report-card articles?  Well too bad!  The Sooner blog is still playing with unflattering pictures of Mack Brown, so that's all we have.
Kansas 2-3
L 7-55 @ Baylor vs K-State Kansas's new gauge of success: effort.   Kansas, you get an E.
Iowa St 3-3
L 27-68 vs #10 Utah @ #6 Oklahoma Their leading rusher will likely be out against Oklahoma, and the next in line is a freshman...
K-State 4-1
L 13-48 vs #6 Nebraska @ Kansas It depends on who you ask, but K-State does not know whether Coffman will start on Thursday
#4 Nebraska 5-0
W 48-13 @ K-State vs Texas Nebraska and Texas are asking the same question: What will Texas do on Offense?