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2009 Ralphie Report Reader Stats and T-Shirt Giveaway

2009 Poster
2009 Poster

Irish and I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for reading and contributing to The Ralphie Report in 2009.  While it wasn't the best year for the Buffs (outside of Brad Jones and Jenny Barringer), it was a great year for the site as we saw our little CU community grow by leaps and bounds.  Below take a look back at some of the stats from the past year.

Most Active Commenters (2009)

User Count
irish1611 2365
nebraskasux 1408
Hallux Valgus 1064
Jon Woods 854
NYCskibum 747
BuffnBigD 709
roxbombers 648
Broncoman 617
SlamDunkTheFunk 506
highlandsbuff 446


Most FanPosts (2009)

User Count
roxbombers 19
MDBuff 12
irish1611 11
mam2jd 10
Broncoman 9
nebraskasux 7
GoBuffs 6
Jon Woods 5
rugbybuff 4

Most FanShots (2009)

User Count
irish1611 223
Jon Woods 40
roxbombers 4
Buff-in-IL 3
NYCskibum 2
Jester76 2
highlandsbuff 2
Zach B 2


One of the best parts of 2009 for The Ralphie Report winning the SBNation Twitter 5K contest by becoming the first site on the network to have over 5,000 followers on the social networking site (we are now just under 11k).  As you may or may not remember, we promised some sort of prizes for helping to win the contest and while it might be terribly late, we still aim to deliver on our promise.  

So here's the deal, we will be giving away 21 Ralphie Report T-shirts to any of the readers who made the top 10 lists above and 4 shirts to the commenter's who submit the best ideas for the t-shirt design. We want to put the site logo on the front but we are looking to you for what should be the design on the back.  It can be anything from a CU related saying, something funny or a full design.  Doesn't matter to us as long as it references the site and University and is not negative (I guess that excludes anything Hawk related).  So drop your best ideas in the comments below and we will pick the winners and the design for the shirt in a week or so!

Click through to see who is getting the T-shirts!

T-Shirt Winners:

1) nebraskasux
2) Hallux Valgus
3) NYCskibum
4) BuffnBigD
5) roxbombers
6) Broncoman
7) SlamDunkTheFunk
8) highlandsbuff
9) MDbuff
10) mam2jd
12) GoBuffs
13) rugbybuff
14) Buff-in-IL
15) CleBUFFS
16) Jester76
17) Zach B
18) RPT (A Mizzou fan lucked out here)
19) Tom4Buffs (Great work on the Hits & Misses posts)
20) T-shirt submittal winner
21) T-shirt submittal winner
22) T-shirt submittal winner
23) T-shirt submittal winner
24) Your favorite manager irish1611
25) Your second favorite manager Jon Woods