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Offensive Breakdown - Prepping for Signing Day and 2010

Scholarship Players

Seniors Juniors Sophomores Redshirt Freshmen 2010 Class
QB 1 1
1 3
RB 1 2

WR 2 3 1 2 2
1 3
OL 2 7 2 4 3
Total  6 14 3 8 12


 Pos Seniors Juniors Sophomores Redshirt Freshmen 2010 Class
QB Cody Hawkins Tyler Hansen   Clark Evans Nick Hirschman
Seth Lobato (w) Munchie Legaux
Blake Stanley (w) Josh Moten
RB Corey Nabors Rod. Stewart   Q. Hildreth (w) Tony Jones
Brian Lockridge
WR Scotty McKnight Toney Clemons Will Jefferson Jarrod Darden Keenan Canty
Andre Simmons Mark. Simas D. Ebner (w) Terdema Ussery Donnie Duncan 
Cameron Ham (w) Anthony Wright   Mario Conte (w)  
  Kyle Cefalo (w)  
K. Celestine (w)
J. Espinoza (w)
Ryan Maxwell (w)
TE   Ryan Deehan   D. Thornton Henley Griffon
Alex Wood (w) Justin Favors 
  Kyle Slavin
OL Nate Solder Ethan Adkins R. Dannewitz David Bakhtiari  Kaiwi Crabb
Keen.Stevens  Matt Bahr Bryce Givens Gus Handler Daniel Munyer 
  Blake Behrens   Jack Harris Eric Richter
Shawn Daniels M. Tuioti-Mariner  
Mike Iltis  
Ryan Miller
Sione Tau
David Clark (w)
Scholar 6 14 3 8 12
Non Sch 1 5 1 5 0
Total  7 19 4 13 12


to view, click wide view on the upper left side of the page, (w) signifies walkon. Players sorted by alphabetical order, walkons listed after scholarship players.

With signing day approaching next month, it is a perfect time to look at the Buffs' roster to see what positions might still need to be addressed in the upcoming weeks. Currently, Colorado has 16 verbals (11 on offense, 5 on defense) but as we all know, that number is very fluid and can change instantly.

Everyone is holding their breath as this weekend QB/Ath Munchie Legaux is visiting Arizona, where former defensive back coach Greg Brown has left to be the co-defensive coordinator. Does Brown poison the well on the CU program? We shall see but losing Legaux would be another hit to what has been a rocky recruiting cycle. Legaux is by far the commit with the best offer list of all 2010 signees. On the Buffs' side is Legaux's high school teammate WR Keenan Canty has also pledged his intent to attend Colorado.

Losing Legaux wouldn't be the only highly rated recruit to skip out on his initial commitment. QB/Ath Danny Spond and RB Mister Jones, both Colorado preps rated as four stars, committed to the Buffs but citing issues with the direction of the program have re-opened their recruitment. I wouldn't count on Danny Spond returning to Colorado as Stanford, TCU, Arkansas and Notre Dame are now talking with Spond about his services. Spond will probably end up at linebacker or safety. Mister Jones was a CU fan growing up and thought of as a "lock" to be in Boulder in 2010. Jones, like many highly rated recruits, saw the 3 - 9 2009 record and heard the criticism of the program. Jones went on to commit to Texas A&M. I wouldn't count Mister Jones out as the Aggies have signed two other four star backs and have a wealth of depth at the position. Many believed Mister would have received a lot of playing time early if he came to Boulder.

Staying on the offensive side of the ball, Colorado currently has 43 offensive scholarship players (79 total on the team) so you can possibly expect 4 - 6 more total signings before the class is complete. This year there are no big time battles like last year with WR Diante Jackson or WR Emory Blake. It should be a very quiet and relatively uneventful signing day. QB Nick Hirschman and OL Eric Richter are on campus for the spring semester, something that is exciting. Richter has the size to potentially sure up the interior of the Colorado offensive line and Hirschman is a true student of the game and is willing to put the work in to be successful. It is always good for a quarterback to enroll early.


Total scholarship players - 6, Could be less with position changes

Needs before signing day - 0

Ralphie Report Newcomer Write-Ups: Munchie Legaux / Nick Hirschman

Tyler Hansen, Cody Hawkins and Clark Evans return in 2010 with new additions of  Josh Moten, Legaux and Hirschman. Moten gray shirted last year as there was an issue with the NCAA Clearinghouse and his SAT scores. This is the best the Buffs have looked at quarterback in a long time as they have two experienced starters returning and what seems like some good mix of size and speed in the wings. Of course, the play at the quarterback spot needs to drastically improve with consistency in 2010 if Colorado hopes to challenge in the North but with a solid core of receivers returning, they have the potential to be better. It will be interesting given Hawkins past if he would play a guy like Clark Evans, Munchie Legaux or Nick Hirschman in '10. My guess is there will be little risk taken at the position but it is something to watch for. Moten, Evans and Legaux all might be eligible to play other positions due to their athletic ability and size but the coaches have promised them a chance at quarterback. I like the mix of quarterbacks and I am excited about the different approaches the Buffs offense can take in the future with the variety of quarterbacks. Further, players like Evans, Moten and Legaux are athletes that can play multiple positions if needed, making this group pretty dynamic.

Running back
Total scholarship players - 4

Needs before signing day - At least one more. With the most recent news of senior Demetrius Sumler's leaving the program, Colorado only has three current scholarship running backs, a similar situation to the issues at wide receiver a year ago when the Buffs only had three on scholarship.

Ralphie Report Newcomer Write-Ups: Tony Jones

A perceived strength a year ago now looks like a sizable weakness. Similar to the offensive line receiving such high claims in the 2009 offseason, Buff fans had visions of a great blend of speed (Rodney Stewart and Brian Lockridge) with power (Darrell Scott and Demetrius Sumler). It didn't pan out last season. Rodney Stewart returns but the offensive line play needs to improve for the offense to take the next step. The big question is if Rodney Stewart goes down, who steps in?

With the departures of Darrell Scott and Demtrius Sumler and the lack of opportunities given to Brian Lockridge a year ago, the running back position is one that causes some concern for 2010 and beyond. Rodney Stewart had five 100 yard games a year ago, finishing the year with 804 yards and nine scores. But Stewart has missed games in each of his first two seasons. Lockridge, one of the fastest players on the team, only carried the ball twelve times last year after an offseason which he and the coaches thought he would be an integral part of the offense. That is about it for the Buffs experienced running backs.

Colorado has added another Rodney Stewart-like back this recruiting cycle in 5'8" 180 pound Tony Jones from New Jersey. Jones has created a buzz in that he stems from the mold of a Dion Lewis at Pittsburgh or Ray Rice at Rutgers. The question always surrounding smaller running backs is their durability but their is a good chance that Jones' services maybe needed this year if he qualifies academically. Colorado also has walk-on Quentin Hildreth from last year.

How a year changes things on a football team. Last year, we were talking about Colorado having four running backs that were all capable in their own right of having a breakout season. The running back position was labeled as one of the bright spots for the next few years. As quickly as those claims originated, they have fallen apart. Now the Buffs have to hope the find some depth in the next few weeks or hope that Rodney Stewart is able to stay healthy the whole year, something he has not done in the prior two. Whether the coaches like it or not, we will probably see a lot of Tony Jones and Brian Lockridge this season. I wouldn't be surprised if you see some late emerging running backs in the 2010 cycle emerge.

More position reviews before signing day are coming.