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Steve Fairchild Was Right, The Colorado Buffaloes Look Silly

I fell for the propaganda and for that I apologize to the loyal group of Colorado Buffaloes' fans who grace this site. I fell for the "doctored" information that was coming out of the "closed practice" regime's information department and believed a change was a coming. I failed to look behind the plethora of one word distasteful answers from Dan Hawkins to the media because too many secrets were being let out on blogs like the Ralphie Report for opponents to see.

I glazed over the facts: Quarterback has not improved. The coaching staff has not proven to us in the past or yesterday that they know how to effectively utilize play makers (all the indication we needed was Josh Smith transferring). This group of coaches has made excuses during the season and promised the world in the offseason in the past. In the ultimate definition of dealing with adversity and being a successful team, I overlooked the fact that Colorado has won only twice on the road in Dan Hawkins' term. The defensive line is young and weak. The offensive line is all potential with the belief they might be good but with no prior history of results. At wide receiver, the Buffs have one player who has done anything in a division one game. I believed that a change in the offense would bring the smash mouth back to Colorado football but realized after a sweep wide on 4th and one that no offensive scheme can teach will, toughness and desire to get something accomplished but rather something that you have inside. Too many times we have seen lackadaisical performances, little energy and no response to sudden change during a game.

Shame on me, shame on me.

I never thought I would feel this stupid after a football game.

The best part about this post is I am not going to bring up one statistic.  All I needed to hear after the game was one quote from one player to provide all of the ammunition as to why the Colorado football program is failing and quickly becoming the laughing stock of the Big 12.

After this comment by our team captain, I am plain dumbfounded and angered by what is considered acceptable in Boulder:

"I think we kind of might have overlooked CSU a little bit," Riar Geer said. "We were pretty confident going into this game and they came out and played great. They came out and hit us in the mouth those first few drives. You`ve got to take your hat off to them."


I am stuck pondering the answer to this question: How can a team captain allow HIS team to overlook the first game, a rivalry nonetheless, of "a change in Boulder season where the goal is 10 wins, no excuses."  But maybe Riar Geer, Marcus Burton or Jeff Smart don't feel it is "their team." Anytime you hear that quote, you know you have a problem in leadership and at the top of the program.

Apparently, this team isn't that hungry after a 5 - 7 season. Apparently this team thinks it is good enough to just show up and look ahead to who? Toledo? Wyoming? Or to the party on the Hill? 

I quote a corny movie moment from "Remember the Titans" that is very applicable in this situation: "Attitude reflects leadership, captain." Leadership; the most underrated quality in life and in sports. The Buffs don't have any and if they do, it has fallen on deaf ears.

The high and mighty 5 - 7 worst offense in the Big 12, "10 wins, no excuses" Colorado Buffaloes "overlooked" the lowly 7 - 6 bowl winning Colorado State Rams team under second year head coach Steve Fairchild, who did something we all thought of as crazy this offseason and something we haven't heard at Colorado in a long time.

He criticized a player to the media, he expected more from his team, more from his quarterback and until he got that performance, he wasn't going to let up or be satisfied. He told Dan Hawkins in an indirect message to his team that if we practice like this, we are going to lose to Colorado. He mocked Dan Hawkins and the Colorado program by calling them "silly" for moving the game to Boulder and he mocked Colorado's decision to not name a starter between their two very talented quarterbacks until game day by nonchalantly telling the media when Grant Stucker was walking off the practice field that he was going to be the quarterback for Colorado State. Steve Fairchild has a little competitiveness, a little attitude, a little bully, a little underdog role in him and it is cleary reflected in his players. And the best thing is he wants that and expects that. He has expectations for his players and they know it.

What sort of traits have we seen from Dan Hawkins that we should expect to be reflected in the Buffs that make a difference on the football field, not supposedly in life 10 years down the line?

I don't know and that is a tough thing to realize.

But who am I to question anything to do with the high and mighty Colorado football program who have been so successful the past four years that they can overlook the Colorado State Rams at home in Boulder. I am just internet scum who doesn't know anything about anything.

Call me anything you want but today, the program looks "silly" just like Steve Fairchild said a few months ago. Think about it. Who do they think they are? They overlook the Rams, shut down practices to the fanbase, give the media one word answers, not allow folks like Kyle Ringo and Tom Kensler to opportunity to do their jobs and report on the Buffs, call a fan base the scum of the world, call former Buff and current broadcaster Joel Klatt out for criticizing the team's spread offense last year because he has not coached before, not name a quarterback for deception, move the game from Denver to Boulder to strong arm the Rams...heck, we high and mightily referenced ten wins! Boy, the Colorado football program looks "silly" this morning. I for one am sick of looking silly.

The worst part is the Colorado State fans ran onto Folsom and I don't even know if the program cared. There was no Tim Tebow speech from anybody in the Colorado program last night and as much as you dislike Tim Tebow, he gets this statement: "Attitude reflects leadership, captain." He also wins games. He wins national championships.

Steve Fairchild, like the rest of the Big 12 and Colorado State fans, must really be enjoying themselves this morning. Colorado State surely didn't overlook the Buffs. And it showed.

"Attitude reflects leadership, captain." "Attitude reflects leadership, coach." It all starts at the top.