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TRR Interviewed About the Buffs Game by Mountain West Connection, Housekeeping Annoucements


A few noteworthy items to post as a housekeeping announcement before the season begins on Sunday or if you are some programs, tonight:

1) In addition to Mountain West Connection answering a few of our questions about Colorado State and the upcoming game, we also sat down with the MWC to answer their questions about the Buffs and what we thought of the Rams. Check out our thoughts about the rivalry game being played in Boulder, Cody Hawkins' status, the Rams' experienced offensive line against the Buffs' inexperienced defensive line, Coach Hawkins on the hot seat and much more.

2) I urge you to sign up for our College Pick'em where each week we will be picking 10 - 15 games against the spread. Prizes will be given away throughout the year like ESPN gift cards and the overall season winner will get a Buffs' jersey or something like that. Two games are tonight so get your entries in and gear up.

3) On Sunday, we will have a live game thread going on where you can come and discuss the game live as the Buffs take down the Rams. SBNation offers the best technology in real time live commenting as well as mobile commenting so if you are at the game and have something to say, pull out that phone and comment away. The live game thread will be posted usually an hour before the game where we hope to hear from you. Here is an example of a game thread last season.

4) We have a lot of new members at the Ralphie Report which is great news but many of you probably don't know what a FanShot or a FanPost is and you probably don't know all of the tools that are at your disposal from SBNation. Corn Nation, the SBNation Nebraska blog, has put together a nice "Educating Your Users on SBNation Tools" document that will give you a brief rundown of what we can offer Buff fans (just substitute our site with theirs!). We would love to see more of your thoughts being thrown up on the FanShot and FanPost sections. In a brief explanation, FanPosts should be used like a message board, a place for you to write your own post on a subject, usually more than just a link. Links and quick comments usually go in the FanShot section. You also view the FanPost section like a message board by clicking here, which gives you the opportunity to view a lot more of what has been said in the section by you, the fans.

So if you have something to say about the Buffs, Buff opponents or sports in general and want to get some conversation going about it, fire up a FanShot or FanPost.

5) Defensive and Offensive Previews will be coming before the game as well as the "Keys to the Game & Predictions" post. We hope you visit to offer your predictions when that post gets up.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask either on the site in the comment sections or at our email address -  We welcome you to write questions you want answered on the site about the team, especially as the season is getting underway.

Anyone else excited? Go Buffs - Shoulder to Shoulder!