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The Ralphie Report 2009 Preseason Blog Poll

Now in its fifth year, the Blog Poll is a weekly effort of dozens of college football-centric Web sites representing a wide array of schools under the oversight of founder/manager/guru Brian Cook at MGoBlog, and now appears on CBS Sportsline. It’s an effort to provide a more rigorous check on the mainstream polls that actually, like, count toward the mythical championship, and enthusiastically shines a light on its voters' biases. But mainly, it’s fun. The initial poll of the season will be released this week.


Here's my initial attempt at ranking the top 25 college football teams going into the 2009 season.  In order to make this as unbiased as possible I tried to pay as little attention to the various polls that have been coming out over the last few weeks but I'm sure that the top 4 teams are nearly identical to every other poll.  Outside of those 4 this year seemed a lot tougher than previous years.  For this first poll I take every D1 school that I could possibly see being ranked at some point this season (which came out to 49 of 'em) and then started the process of ranking the top 25.  The last ten or so wasn't easy as I had a hard time finding worthy squads.  

It's far from perfect so take a look and let me know what you would do differently...

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Oklahoma
4 Southern Cal
5 Alabama
7 Penn State
8 Virginia Tech
9 Ohio State
10 California
11 Mississippi
12 Oklahoma State
13 Notre Dame
14 Georgia Tech
15 Oregon
16 TCU
17 Iowa
18 Kansas
19 Oregon State
20 Florida State
21 North Carolina
22 Texas Tech
23 Boise State
24 North Carolina State
25 Georgia


Next five teams:  Nebraska, BYU, West Virginia, Rutgers, Arizona (consider this one my Steve Spurrier/Duke pick)