Husker’s RB Quentin Castille Dismissed From Team


Nebraska RB Quentin Castille has been dismissed from the team due to violating team rules. Check out this nice take from Corn Nation, who realize that Castille was a pretty big part of this offense unlike many Husker fans who have claimed the "next guy" in line was better anyway. Helu was going to be a nice compliment to Roy Helu Jr. From Corn Nation: Earlier today, running back Quentin Castille was dismissed from the Nebraska football team for a "clear violation of team rules", and whatever that means, doesn't matter now. I'm sure many Husker fans will have that same attitude towards the situation - that it doesn't matter and that another back will step up and take Castille's place. Human beings, especially football fans in August, are good at rationalization, if nothing else. And perhaps that's not a bad attitude to have - after all, that's what's going to have to happen if the Huskers are going to proceed to their goal of winning the Big 12 North and having a shot at the Big 12 title. Sad fact is, Castille will be hard to replace. He came of age in last year's Gator Bowl against Clemson and showed that he could be a starter. This season he would have been a great complement to Roy Helu Jr, providing a bigger, more powerful back to Helu's breakaway speed.