Coach Dan Hawkins Live at Big 12 Media Days


On Now, 9:30am MT. Click the link to listen! UPDATE: Marcus Burton is up next - 9:48am UPDATE: Brian Cabral is now up So far, I have been pretty dissapointed. I thought the media asked very generic questions towards Coach Hawkins. No questions about Darrell Scott, no real question on how he feels about his current situation at Colorado and does he feel the need to win now, nothing about the new offensive coordinator situation and how he is progressing, strengths of the 2009 team in his eyes, a few of the weaknesses...just wasn't a lot of substance. Most of the local guys were the ones asking the questions except for three I believe from the national media. Hawkins responded very well to all of the questions, especially the 10 wins comment. He pretty much talked about setting the bar and focusing your team to work towards a goal. He made a great reference to the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL last season and how they went on an east coast trip in the regular season and made a few adjustments to their schedule to prepare for the Super Bowl. Many thought they were crazy for thinking about the Super Bowl but it was about setting expectations, getting players to know what you expect and adjusting their mindset. You get a small sinking feeling in your stomach when the questions were asked about the wide recievers and who will be relied on to provide the playmaking ability. Both Kyle Ringo and Tim Griffin asked him the wide receiver question and both were answered very vaguely with "we like our young guys but their will be an obvious learning curve" and "Scotty McKnight is battle tested."