Brooks: Five Questions For 'Hawk'


Great interview by B.G. Brooks of with Coach Hawkins. Glad to hear Hawkins is okay after his kidney stone surgery that developed some pretty serious conversations. Hawk can get you pumped up, that is for sure. Let's reach the bar, Coach! "I came back from the (Big 12) spring meetings and coach (Bob) Foster said, ‘Hey, the old head coach didn’t cut us any slack . . . 10 wins, Big 12 championship, national championship.’ "I said, ‘Coach, do you want to play for the guy who says, Aw, we just want to go out there and be respectable?’ Is that the coach you want to play for? Not me. "I'm not doing it in a false way; I really think we have a chance to be better. If we stay injury free, if we get a little momentum and things start happening, I think we can have a pretty special year. "When I say 10 wins, if I were a basketball coach I’d be saying 20 wins . . . it’s sort of the benchmark of excellence. But it’s not the amount of wins, it’s the bar of excellence. Being able to put together some things on our team and that whole talent, leadership, experience model and saying, guys, we have a chance here; let’s not back away, close our eyes and feel our way through. "Let’s be steely-eyed, know where we’re going and have an expectation and a zeal to get there."