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Current Colorado Buffalo Roster Chart

For the most part, it looks like many of the major announcements have come and gone for the spring/summer. Many of the incoming freshmen are enrolled in summer classes at Colorado so now is a good time to assess the team by the numbers, see areas to address in the 2010 recruiting period and look how the team stacks up on paper. First up is the offensive chart. By position, we list the names of the players in alphabetical order, counting the number of scholarship players and no scholarship players by position. If the player has an astericks next to his name, they are a non scholarship player. WR's Toney Clemons and Andre Simmons are italicized, signifying a transfer. Clemons will not participate this season but will be a junior in 2010. Below is the positional chart, let me know if you see an error:

QB     Cody Hawkins Tyler Hansen   Clark Evans
Josh Moten
Seth Lobato*
Jerry Slota*
Sch 4
1 1 0 2
NSch 2

Toney Clemons Kyle Cefalo* Peter Bobseine* Jarrod Darden
Cameron Ham* Jason Espinoza* Dustin Ebner* Terdema Ussery 
S. McKnight Ryan Maxwell* Cameron Wright* Marion Conte*
Andre Simmons Markques Simas    
Sch 6
3 1   2
NSch 8
1 3 3 1
RB   Corey Nabors Brian Lockridge   Quentin Hildreth*
D. Sumler Darrell Scott Trevor LaBarge*
Kevin Moyd
Rod Stewart  
Sch 6 1 2 3    
NSch 2

FB   Trace Adams* 

Jake Behrens
Sch 1 1

NSch 1 1

TE   Riar Geer
Ryan Deehan
DaV. Thornton 
P Devenny Alex Wood*
D Shanahan*   
Luke Walters*
Sch 4 2
NSch 3 2
OL     Nate Solder Ethan Adkins Ryan Dannewitz David Bakhtiari 
K Stevens* Matt Bahr Bryce Givens Gus Handler

Blake Behrens M. Tuioti-Mariner Jack Harris
David Clark*   Shaun Simon
Shawn Daniels  
Mike Iltis
Ryan Miller
Sione Tau
Sch 15 0 1 7 3 4
NSch 2 0 1 1 0 0
Sch 36 4 7 13 3 9
NSch 18 3 2 4 3 6
Total 54 7 9 17 6 15
Sch 78 12 14 24 10 18
NSch 37 5 5 13 5 9
Total 115 17 19 37 15 27
italics - transfer (Toney Clemons is not Eligible for 2009) / * - non-scholarship player 
Sch = Scholarship Player / nSch = Non-Scholarship Player


I will provide some commentary in a post tomorrow. You will quickly notice that the Buffs have a total of 78 players on scholarship right now, 7 below the 85 limit due to coming up short in the 2009 recruiting class and current roster attrition. There are currently 12 scholarshiped seniors plus the 7 players short equals a potential 2010 class of 19.  You saw how attrition worked this year so add 2 more to the total and 21 players is probably a good target next year. That all might change depending on what the Buffs do with a few players. If the Buffs give a scholarship back to Kendrick Celestine, that would eat up a spot. Then you have to think about WR's Jason Espinoza and Ryan Maxwell. One of these players, probably Espinoza, will play a significant role next year. Dan Hawkins might decide to shell out a scholarship on one of those players.

After the defensive chart is posted we can comment on where we think the Buffs need to allocate their 20 or so scholarships.