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The Perfect Friday Buff Bites

Could today have been a more perfect day in Colorado?  If someone told me that the weather would be like this every single day for the rest of my life I would be a very, very happy man.  Onto the Buffs...

Colorado_mediumThe opening paragraph in Ringo's story about the new relationship between new Offensive Coordinator Eric Kiesau and CU Quarterback Cody Hawkings and Tyler Hansen sums up the collective expectations of Buff Nation perfectly:

Colorado quarterbacks Cody Hawkins and Tyler Hansen both expect to be much more involved with developing offensive game plans next season after their initial discussions with new offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau.

I'm not going so far as to say that I am happy that Coach Helfrich has moved on (I'll leave that to you guys) but I know I'm not lying when I say that we are all excited about what the future holds.

Colorado_mediumNeil Woelk talks about Kiesau some more, hoping that the Coordinator change will be just what this offense needs to take the next step forward to respectability.

Colorado_mediumThe Colorado Women's Golf team finished up the first round of their first ever NCAA Regional Tournament in 19th place.  The tournament is being held at Arizona State's Karsten Golf Course in tempatures up to 107 degrees.

Colorado_mediumTim Griffin hands out Spring Football helmet stickers and our favorite Buffalo unit made the list:

Colorado's running backs: Hard to single out one player as Darrell Scott (90 yards), Demetrius Sumler (73 yards), Brian Lockridge (55 yards) and Rodney Stewart (52 yards) all had big days in the Buffs' Black-Gold game.

Colorado_mediumI'm sure by now you have all heard about our favorite spiky haired quarterback Sam Keller and his asinine lawsuit against the NCAA and EA Sports.  There's nothing more to be said so I'll let you read some commentary from his former teams here and here