Spinning It, Spinning It, Spinning It


According to, Helfrich is one hell of a recruiter (the key guy in our recruiting efforts, huh?), he was leading the offensive rejuvenation charge all the way to the worst ranked offense in the Big 12 over the three years he was here, and he can flat out coach quarterbacks...I wish Helfrich the best of luck at Oregon. For the author's reference the offense against Georgia scored a whopping 13 points and in the West Virginia game, a total of 17 points led to the rejuvenation. 5. The new coaches have come in and started making a difference right away. Frost and Azzinaro have brought extra energy to the program as well. Both are good fits for what Kelly's trying to get done. How well Helfrich recruits will be interesting as well. He's been a key guy in getting a ton of great young talent to the Colorado program. That program was so empty of talent when he and Coach Hawkins got there it was just sad. Honestly, I'd put it equal or less than what Washington had a couple years ago. We've all seen what UW's done trying to rebuild in good conference, and we've all seen what CU's done. Average record but competing with the best of them with lesser talent. Wins over Oklahoma and West Virginia and a last second loss at Georgia are all signs that Helfrich was part of a rejuvenation on the way there. He just chose to step into an even better situation at Oregon. Plus, now he gets to coach Diante Jackson anyway. It's not the most obvious hire, but Helfrich can flat out coach quarterbacks. I don't think Kelly can let the play-calling go to be honest. Maybe. But it wouldn't shock me to see him calling plays and tutoring Helfrich this first year or so. Helfrich wanted to run the spread when he got to CU, but they just didn't have the personnel to do it effectively. Not nearly enough speed an not the quarterback they need to run it.