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Friday Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumFirst up, former Buff QB Matt Ballenger will sign with College of Idaho to play basketball.

The College of Idaho announced that former Skyview High standout and University of Colorado quarterback Matt Ballenger will sign an NAIA letter of intent to play basketball beginning next season at the College of Idaho.

Best of luck to Matt playing basketball.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo from the Boulder Daily Camera caught up with Kendrick Celestine, former Buffs wide receiver who is coming back to Boulder and hoping to walk-on in the future. He has got his personal issues figured out and under control which is always the first priority. Now, if he wants to come back, it is about getting eligible and getting back in shape. Bad news is that if he does come back, he will not be ready for 2009, according to Ringo:

Asked via e-mail this week about the possibility of Celestine rejoining the program, Hawkins said he hadn't even heard from his former wideout recently.

There is no hope of Celestine playing this fall because he has so much ground to make up academically. He said he hopes to treat the next year as a redshirt year because he hasn't done much in the weight room either since quitting the team.

Colorado_mediumThis is a good public service link that reminds us high school and college athletes read these blogs, these boards, etc. A 2010 Wisconsin commit has decommitted based on what he read on a message board of Wisconsin. The commit has had some struggles academically in high school, as most have, which somehow led Badger fans to question the kid's integrity, character, attitude or whatever. Like Gary Parrish of CBS sports says, it isn't an indictment on Wisconsin fans, it is just evident that we need to watch who we criticize and how we do it in our posts and in your comments. Not saying we are bad at that or we need to work on it, just a reminder though because I certainly don't want to run a site that might make the Buffs lose a commit.

Colorado_mediumIInside Bay has an article on Cal's ability to recruit top quarterbacks, most notably known as the Elite 11. With the commit of Hinder, the Bears now have four Elite 11 (known as the best eleven high school quarterbacks in a given year) quarterbacks.

With the oral commitment earlier this week of Steamboat Springs, Colo., quarterback Austin Hinder, the Bears are on pace to have a gaggle of former prep All-America signal-callers in 2010. If they all remain at Cal, the Bears could have four players who were selected for the Elite 11 camp, an honor reserved for the best high school quarterbacks in the country.

"They are probably the only school that seems like every year they get an Elite 11 guy," recruiting analyst Greg Biggins said. "They definitely have the most guys."

A shakeup has to happen right? Hopefully we are there to catch them as the fall.