Katoa Officially Off the Team, Celestine Coming Back to Boulder?


Well Kyle Ringo has some interesting updates. First off, in news that is not surprising to anybody, redshirt freshman LB Lynn Katoa is now officially off the team as Dan Hawkins finally confirmed it. No surprise: Colorado coach Dan Hawkins confirmed what most Buffs fans have anticipated for months now. Linebacker Lynn Katoa is no longer on the football team and is transferring elsewhere. Hawkins said he didn’t know where Katoa had decided to go. There is also an internet rumor going around that former Buff receiver, Kendrick Celestine will be back in Boulder. If you remember, Celestine transferred around the third week of the season last year for family reasons. Along with the departure of Chance Blackmon, these events caused the Buffs to have only three scholarship receivers on campus this spring. Nothing has been confirmed on whether he will be allowed back on the team or even try to play but just thought I would bring it up here.