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It Shouldn't Be This Hot In Boulder Buff Bites

Apparently there's a chance that we could have record high's over the next two days here in Colorado.  Makes you wish we had some recruits in town, it would be a dream day for a kid from Ohio, Illinois, or Minnesota...

Colorado_mediumOur resident Big 12 blogger over at ESPN has continued to be busy during this slow time of the year and he has touched on our Buffaloes quite a few times over the past couple of days.

During his chat last week Griffin restated his confidence behind our running game, even rebuffing a Husker in the process:

Dave (Atlanta, GA): Tim, does Colorado have the best backfield?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: Dave: Sure liked their running in the spring game. It will be different when they face opposing defenses.

Their backs aren't quite to the level of Murray, Brown, Madu and Calhoun at OU. But I will call Colorado with the best running backs in the North.

Matt (Sacramento): Tim - Not sure how Colorado has the best backfield in the North. Helu and Castille at Nebraska should combine for 2000 yards this year in rushing alone.

SportsNation Tim Griffin: Matt: I like Colorado because they go four deep and all with different styles. Sumler, Scott, Speedy and Lockridge are a nice quartet.

Today, Griffin listed Colorado both as a team with work to do over the summer...

Colorado: The Buffaloes will have to settle on a quarterback before the start of the season. Several variables are involved, including the close race between Tyler Hansen and Cody Hawkins for the starting job in spring practice, Hansen's broken thumb in the spring game and new offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau working into his new job. If the Buffaloes are to fulfill the spoiler role that some are predicting in the North Division, they need to make a real push before training camp starts in August.

...and a squad with a player that we are all hoping will break out in a big way this coming season:

Colorado TB Darrell Scott: After struggling with injuries last season, Scott might be ready to return to the form he flashed when he was the nation's No. 1 running back recruit in the 2008 class.

Colorado_mediumWhat was the main topic at the recent Big 12 league meetings?  Why cost containment of course.  It's no surprise as college athletic departments are by no means immune from our nations current economic state and it would be ignorant to not take steps to protect the conference and it's AD's budgets. Arkansas Athletic Director Frank Boyles even goes far enough as to say that, "There's going to be a major crisis if ticket sales go down."

Colorado_mediumBoyles isn't the only legendary coach turned Athletic Director making some interesting statements lately as Tom Osborne has decided that he would like some say over who is officiating his University's games:

Osborne said Thursday that at next week's league meetings he'll try to gain support for coaches to be able to ask the conference to "rest" an official because of repeated substandard work.

"If you feel somebody has really not measured up," he said, "you could request that he not work any of your games the next year."

Colorado_mediumTwo Buffaloes captured Big 12 Track & Field Championships over the weekend.  Senior Jenny Barringer captured her third Big 12 Championship, winning the 3,000 meter steeplechase with a Big 12 record 9 minutes, 58.14 seconds.  Meanwhile Junior Brandin Williams won his first Big 12 Championship and the Buffaloes first javelin title in 47 years throwing a personal record of 222 feet, 1 inch.  Congrats!!