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Wednesday Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo of the BDC reports on a possible change to parking at Farrand Field on gameday. Known as the best tailgate area for it's proximity to Folsom Field, it has become a home to some of the most avid Buff fans. It sounds like their has been quite an uproar at the prospect of reorganizing the lot based on seniority and the all important monetary donations to the University. I thought this was a clever comment:

"I have a problem with the principle of this whole thing," said Steven Weigum, a season-ticket holder of 20 years who says he might elect to cancel his seats because of the change. "It is a Robin Hood in reverse maneuver, rob from the 'poor' to give to the 'rich.' Lot F hasn't changed in scope, it is the same, it has just been subdivided, into the Hamptons, Manhattan and the Bronx. We were moved to the Bronx."

I don't agree with the University's announcement of this whole parking fiasco after ticket and parking renewals but in the arms race of athletic budgets, something like this will become more and more common.

Colorado_mediumExpect a decision from former Michigan WR Toney Clemons soon. He visited Cincinnati recently but things look good for the Buffs. He would be a great addition to a depleted group at wideout. The bad news is we won't be able to use him in 2009, a very pivotal season for the program.

Colorado_mediumThe Quad, a NY Times college football blog, is starting its team countdown. Checking in at #11 is September 19th opponent, the Wyoming Cowboys. Here is a piece of their 2009 season prediction:

Season breakdown & prediction: I predict some difficulties for Wyoming this fall as the team experiences the growing pains associated with learning the intricacies of Christensen's (former Missouri offensive coordinator) new offense. This, when combined with the normal learning period that comes with any coaching change, makes them my pick to finish last in a very, very strong Mountain West. Having said that, there is reason to believe that the team may surprise some people. For starters, this team did win four games last fall (albeit only one in conference play) with a pitiful offensive attack. Even if the offense makes only marginal improvement, wouldn't this team be able to repeat last fall's win total, perhaps even add another victory? Certainly, yes. But a difficult non-conference schedule combined with a deadly M.W.C. stretch, will doom the Pokes to a rebuilding season. It would have been easy for the university to hire a coach whose philosophies would have fit the incumbent personnel; if they hired a good coach, Wyoming could have even squeezed out a bowl trip this fall. However, Wyoming thought about the big picture, and hired a coach who can take this program not only to lower-tier bowl games but to the top of the Mountain West. It won't happen this season, but the Pokes are in good shape for the future.

Colorado_mediumIowa State checked in a No. 112 in the Quad.

Colorado_mediumAlways a good read, Dave Plati of the SID has released another Platitudes.