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"Anything Worse Than Working After A Weekend In Vegas" Buff Bites?

Blogging from the Las Vegas airport...whew, survived another weekend trip in Sin City but it put up a good fight. North Carolina came up big for me and for most of the Michigan State game, the sportsbook at Caesars was pretty lively.

Also did a little Buff research on the futures betting for the 2009 National Championship. Not listed so we are part of that field bet 100/1. Almost laid down some cash considering we are going to win 10 games this year. Best thing was the Nebraska line. It stated at 150/1 when they first were announced...Nebraska fan has lowered that number to 40/1, making them have the eight or ninth ranked team in the nation in terms of winning the national title. By far and away, Husker fan has provided the biggest move on the board. Got a good chuckle out of that.

We will get back in the swing of things this week, attending at least one practice during the week and hopefully getting to the scrimmage on Saturday morning.

The schedule this week for practice is April 6th, 7th, 9th and 11th, with the scrimmage being on the 11th at 10:00 am. Pads all week, usual 4:00 pm start.

Here are some things we missed...

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo from the Daily Camera writes about potential star CB Jimmy Smith and his maturation over the last three years. Already deemed the fastest player on the team, it sounds like Smith has got the message that he has all the tools to be an All Big 12 performer with NFL potential.

Colorado_mediumPatrick Ridgell of the Longmont Times says Denver Johnson continues to impress with his teaching style and attitude but believes his real value will be recruiting in Texas, something all programs want to continue to improve on.

The article also has Hawkins singing the praises of his team after week one:

Hawkins called CU's first week of spring drills "probably about the best first week we've had." Experience showed, he said, when he had the offense run goal-line plays that it had yet to practice or discuss, and the players handled them well enough to impress the coach.

"Experience" is a good thing! It is also good to hear about the intensity at practice. The players are saying the right things that they are embarrassed at the last three year's results and a direct reflection of that is an intense set of practices while the first game is some six months away.

Colorado_mediumB.G. Brooks of INDenverTimes continues to pump out good material now that the Rocky Mountain News is gone. Since it is internet based, he is not restricted to the amount to words he can write and I think that has made it even better for Brooks. This indepth article about Bryce Givens making an impact on the offensive line is full of good information about Givens and Ryan Miller's Colorado high school rivalry, what former offensive line coach Jeff Grimes thought of Givens and how Givens attitude and weight gain has fit is well with Denver Johnson's style of coaching.

Colorado_mediumIt looks like special teams is a point of emphasis this year...and it should after last year. Starters like Nate Solder and Ryan Miller have been on the punt team and about every 4 or 5 periods, their is 1 or 2 periods of special teams prep work. Last year we saw plenty of times that special teams can cause momentum to turn or even cost the Buffs the game. has a cool article on cousins Doug Rippy and Rodney Stewart. Right now, both are in a great position to be starters or prominent role players for the Buffs in 2009.

Colorado_mediumOklahoma continues to get richer, receiving a verbal from current #1 QB prospect over the weekend in Blake Bell from Kansas.

Colorado_mediumA new Iphone app is out for the Big 12. Looks a little low-tech but it could lead to bigger and better things. has a piece on the three quarterbacks battling it out for the starting spot.