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Thursday Buff Bites

Congrats to former Buff Chauncey Billups and the Denver Nuggets for advancing to the second round of the NBA playoffs.

Colorado_mediumThe Denver Broncos have brought a former Colorado Buffalo on staff, not to play but to be a part of their day to day operations:

The Broncos are nearing a deal to hire former Colorado linebacker Matt Russell as the team's new director of college scouting, according to an NFL source. Russell, 35, has been a national scout for the Philadelphia Eagles since 2006. Before that he spent six years scouting for the New England Patriots and is credited with convincing Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli to draft quarterback Matt Cassel. Broncos coach Josh McDaniels was on Belichick's staff at New England from 2000-08. Russell won the Butkus Award as the nation's top linebacker in 1996 while starring for the Buffaloes.

Colorado_mediumCould Georgia back out of the 2010 game with Colorado to play  against UCLA in the Georgia Dome? Mark Richt doesn't sound too confident that Georgia will get the all the details worked out but if they do, DawgSports on SBNation says that Colorado will either have to let Georgia out of their commitment to travel to Boulder or move it to another year. It sounds like Georgia wants more exposure in Atlanta and with Alabama playing there last year. DawgSports sounds like they want nothing to do with this but you never know after what happened this year with the Miami (OH) saga. Just something that might be worth keeping an eye on.

Colorado_mediumThe men's golf team finished a very respectable second in the Big 12 tournament with Patrick Grady and Derek Tolan leading the way, finishing sixth and seventh, respectively, good their best showings in the Big 12's. The Buffs were in the lead the final day but Oklahoma State stormed back and won by fourteen strokes.

Colorado_mediumBruce Feldman recently caught up with former Buffalo Jeremy Bloom over on his ESPN blog. 

How was the NFL game different from playing at Colorado?

Bloom: You go from playing football with boys to playing with full-grown men. Some guys have played football in the NFL for over 10 years. Their knowledge for the game is amazing.

As a college football player who battled the NCAA during your career at Colorado, if you were running the NCAA, what rules would you change in regard to college athletics?

Bloom: First, I would get off the middle of the fence and stop running the organization in such a hypocritical manner. I would expand on the commercialization of college athletics and put an aggressive plan together to boost revenue in college sports. I would decrease our four-cent-on-the-dollar overhead and increase our revenue sharing to the institutions and student-athletes. I would use some of the additional revenue to boost player-benefit programs. I would also throw away archaic and unreasonable bylaws in our manual, give eight percent of revenue to the student-athlete whose jersey is being sold (redeemable upon graduation) and create a subcommittee that would focus on other ways to help our student-athletes and progress our organization past the ice ages and into the 21st century.

Check out the full interview here.

Colorado_mediumA little tidbit from about Colorado State and the grade they received for not complying with the BCA's standards for search standards in hiring diverse coaches.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Colleges and universities may finally have a formula for producing more racially diverse coaching hires.

On Wednesday, the second Black Coaches and Administrators women's basketball hiring report card showed a record number of nonwhite coaches (nine) were hired in 2007-08, thanks in part to search committees that have become more inclusive.

The BCA has long contended that adding minorities to those committees would produce better results, and now there's evidence it does work.

Fourteen of 16 schools graded by the BCA received A's for the hires they made before the 2008-09 season. Colorado State, which promoted assistant coach Kristen Holt, was the only school to get an F. And Idaho, which made a coaching change last April, was not included because of an oversight by the BCA.

Colorado_mediumIn case you were curious, former Nebraska quarterback and potential starter, Patrick Witt, has picked a school to attend to continue his academic and athletic career:

Quarterback Patrick Witt, who left Nebraska before the start of spring practice, has decided to transfer to Yale. The third-year sophomore will have three years of eligibility. Witt had been expected to compete for the starting NU job this season.

Colorado_mediumThe Dallas Morning News reports:

The Big 12's athletic directors have directed their football coaches to discuss the league's tiebreaker procedure Wednesday in Phoenix during their annual meeting, conference spokesman Bob Burda said. The coaches could leave the current system intact or suggest a specific change that would be considered by the athletic directors May 19-21 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

I haven't been real good about updating the music on the site lately, but I'll step it up to keep you busy over the summer. 

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