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Coach Hawkins Pleased With Last Week of Practice

Colorado_mediumIn news always good to hear out of camp, Dan Hawkins feels that the team has only gotten better over the spring session with the best two practices of the 15 day stint occurring this week:

"Today and Tuesday were probably two of the best back-to-back practices we've had since I've been here," Hawkins said.  "Guys are getting to that next level of figuring things out and knowing where to go and what to do.  You start getting a little chemistry and things start happening and then you can get to that next level of coaching."

Colorado_mediumI do have to say I have never really witnessed this approach to handling a coach interviewing for another job before. Quotes like this from Helfrich kind of have you scratching your head about why this pending interview is so out in the open.

Helfrich said "it's both good and bad.  It's good in the way that I can finish up spring here.  Today we had a great practice and yesterday we had a great practice and that's the focus."

It is certainly not good for the Buffs. A good "no comment" might do in some of these situations but it sounds like Coach Hawkins has a plan if Helfrich leaves, probably Coach Kiesau.

Colorado_mediumSo what do Tyler Hansen and Cody Hawkins (Buffzone) have to say about the issue:

"I'm not going to lie, it sucks," Hansen said. "Losing a coach you love and have a good relationship with and you're used to his coaching style, it's hard. But I'm sure if he leaves it's going to be best for him and his family. I think you've got to support him through that. If we lose him, we'll get a guy just as good I think."

In the Longmont Times article, the Helfrich situation is also serving as somewhat of a distraction to Hansen:

"You can't help but think every time you see him that he might not be here next week," Hansen said. "You go into meetings, and he's critiquing your play and he's a great coach and you want to listen to him. But in the back of your head you're thinking, ‘OK, this guy, he might be leaving.' I love the guy. He's awesome."



"I don't know. I feel like I'm comfortable with it because it's always been kind of an entire staff decision," Hawkins said. "Regardless of who the offensive coordinator is, everyone is going to go with who they're most comfortable with. It's not a dictatorship around here."

Colorado_mediumSpeaking of the quarterback competition, Tom Kensler of the Denver Post reports that the quarterback race is too close to call and won't be decided until fall, regardless of what happens on Saturday. reports that Kansas star WR Dezmon Briscoe was reinstated after being suspended for the entire spring for a violation of team rules. The status of running back Jocques Crawford has not yet been determined. Crawford was suspended earlier this month for multiple violations of team rules in a short period of time.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo and Neil Woelk talk spring via video.

Colorado_mediumOh yes, the twitter update. So we have climbed a long, long way and are within two followers of the Nebraska blog, CornNation, from taking first place in the college contest and 8th place overall. We have added over 350 followers this week, which is by far the largest growth of any blog on SBNation. Again, we will be twittering from the spring game with instant updates so get on first for that reason. If we get to 5,000 followers before anyone else, SBNation will raffle of tickets for an upcoming Buffs game and we will throw in a few gift cards. Beat the Huskers!