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CU's Contract Structure the Talk of the Town

Colorado_mediumTim Griffin of ESPN says it well regarding the contract issue at Colorado which is being brought up because of the Mark Helfrich story. He quotes Colorado interim chancellor Phil DiStefano from a BDC article saying he doubts Colorado will start offering multi-year contracts for assistant coaches because of the financial havoc it may cause on the athletic department:

"The problem that comes up, and I've talked to many people about it, is that the head coach has a contract, and if an assistant has a contract and a new head coach comes in, more than likely the new head coach might want to make some changes there," DiStefano told the Camera. "Then the athletic department has to pay two salaries, one of the assistant coach who may be leaving with a contract, and then to bring in another assistant coach.

"I think it's a good policy to make sure the head coaches have contracts, but I'm not convinced it's a good policy for the assistant coaches to have them. I think the athletic department could run into some budgetary problems by doing that."

Griffin promptly replies: "That attitude might be fiscally responsible. But it isn't practical in modern college football." Amen.

My reply would be with all due respect Mr. DiStefano, why are we talking about new coaches coming in? So basically you are looking down the road at failure to make your decisions rather than setting yourself up for success by giving the current head coach the right tools to work? Seems a little backwards to me.

As Kyle Ringo in the Boulder Daily Camera states, "Meanwhile, there is no support at the top of the University of Colorado for multi-year contracts for assistant coaches." Directly referring to DiStefano who will likely be taking over full time at chancellor. DiStefano's comments will not ease any Buff fans' mindset for developing into a Big 12 powerhouse.

Here is DiStefano's thoughts on how assistant coaches should be paid:

DiStefano said he favors offering assistant coaches "significant" incentives that would "sweeten the pot." He said those incentives could be offered based on achievements on and off the fields or courts of play, addressing graduation rates as well. He said he is in favor of taking the same approach when it comes to retaining faculty members around campus.

Nothing compares to a long term deal.

Tim Griffin then ends his article extremely well:

And it would be indicative that Colorado's legislature needs to step into the 21st century and realize that multiyear contracts are becoming the rule in modern athletics rather than the exception.

The worst part about this whole ordeal is that it won't stop happening, next it will be Kiesau (it almost was this year), then Hagan, and so on. Many fans are on the fence in regards to Helfrich leaving but we won't be on the fence when the two other coaches mentioned get lucrative offers to coach and RECRUIT somewhere else for 3 - 5 years with a pay raise and more resources.

Colorado_mediumAs Woodrow already posted below in a fanshot, Tim Griffin sat down with Colorado RB Darrell Scott for an interview. I continue to be impressed with Darrell Scott and his approach both on- and off-the-field. He gets it. He knows he needed to be better, he is mature enough to say he needed to improve from last year and he has followed up by getting down to 200 pounds and in shape. Here is one of my favorite parts of the interview:

With the return of Rodney Stewart from his broken leg, your return to health and several offensive linemen getting healthy, how good can your running game be this season?

DS: Oh man, we're going to show some people. I would personally think that other than Oklahoma, we have the most talented group of running backs in the Big 12. You'll see that as the season plays out this year. We're going to convince you, too.

Colorado_mediumThe Dallas Morning News has put out a recap of the Big 12 South spring session as well as a few blurbs about the North. The Buffs got, of course, a mention for the helmet cams and ironically, Dan Hawkins taking up twitter...nothing in regards to what is actually taking place on the field.

Colorado_mediumThis is a perfect time to remind you about our twitter contest for SBNation and the race to 5K followers. Once you get an account you can follow Dan Hawkins and Darian Hagan and of course, the Ralphie Report...which is pretty sweet. To further sweeten the pot, you guys have done and amazing job so far and we are currently 9th out of 190+ blogs on the platform but we need you now more than ever as the dreaded corn is in 8th place and in first among the college blogs. Again, if we win the contest we will be giving away tickets courtesy of SBNation and we will throw in some other random drawing gift cards. details the former Big 12 players who are expected to be drafted this weekend based on Todd McShay's recent mock. Lone Buffalo, DL George Hypolite, is mentioned to go in the seventh round. Watch for LB Brad Jones in the seventh round or quickly tabbed as an undrafted free agent after his rather impressive workout.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo of the BDC talks about the Buffs attention to special teams this spring and introduction of the rugby punt.

Colorado_mediumHere is the list of the spring game festivities this Saturday. The weather channel is now forecasting 57 degrees and rainy! Come on Colorado weather, not Saturday.

Colorado_mediumFour CU golfers earned academic honors:

University of Colorado junior Julie Kim earned first-team Academic All-Big 12 honors for the second year in a row,while fellow junior Dominique Pytlewski and senior Cierra Ko were named to the second team. Kim and Ko are business majors; Pytlewski majors in integrative physiology.

Senior Patrick Grady was the lone CU male golfer to earn Academic All-Big 12 honors. A two-time honoree, Grady is a business major scheduled to graduate in May.