Buff OC Mark Helfrich to Interview for the Oregon Job

CU offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Mark Helfrich will interview for the offensive coordinator opening at Oregon next week. Helfrich was born in Medford, Ore., and played collegiality at Southern Oregon before being an offensive graduate assistant for the Ducks in 1997. First of all, I just have to say I wish Oregon would go away. Whether it is battling for recruits or them wanting our coaches (Helfrich and Kiesau), they are annoying. I know many Buff fans' reactions will be "fine, he can leave, it won't hurt us. Tell me what he has done other than put a bottom tier offense on the field?" Even though I am with many people who have voiced displeasure with the offensive production, trying to find a new offensive coordinator after spring ball who will come to CU with a one year contract and weak pay compared to other programs is not something we want to deal with at this stage in the game. There is also the other factor of changing the system...again. The only way this may be okay is if coach Kiesau is ready to take the next step and become an offensive coordinator. We then would have to find a quarterbacks coach that could recruit and develop some raw quarterbacks. What is interesting is how this thing was let out of the bag. I am pretty sure the Jeff Grimes interviewing with Auburn story was let loose by an ESPN writer with a connection to Gene Chizik. This one was clearly let out by Dan Hawkins and the CU SID. Let the speculating begin...