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Not What We Need - Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumIn one day, the forecast for the spring game has went from 73 degrees and sunny to now 53 degrees. 9news in Colroado is forecast rain showers?

Colorado_mediumIf we sat down with most Buff fans right now and said, what is one thing that cannot happen this offseason, you would probably say something about the wide receiver corp whether it was JUCO transfer Andre Simmons not qualifying, the Buffs not bringing in one or even two other options in the 2009 class at wide out or injuries to our three, yes three, scholarship players. Well, me and 10,000+ (hopefully) fans are going to get a look this weekend at a wide receiver package that features well, a bunch of guys most have not heard of before. Why? Because injuries have hit Scotty McKnight and Josh Smith. Smith's twisted ankle is something we have known about for a while and it may not even keep him out this weekend but McKnight's strained triceps have turned into torn triceps according the BDC, which will have him sidelined for Saturday.

Let's do the math...3 scholarship receivers - 2 injured scholarship receivers =  1 active scholarship wide receiver. And oh yeah, that one scholarship player is Markques Simas who has yet to play one down at the college level (redshirt, ineligible).

How did we ever let it get this bad? I guess wide receiver has been bad for a while at Colorado.

Colorado_mediumPatrick Ridgell of the Longmont Times confirms what we have been saying all along from our practice visits: the linebacker position is really deep and the Buffs two leading tacklers from last year, Jeff Smart and Shaun Mohler, are in a dog fight to keep their starting spots. From what we have seen, Burton, Sipili, Rippy and Beatty are going to be tough to shake.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo found out from Dave Plati that the first spring depth chart is being compiled, no news on the release date but a few positions will be interesting to see listed. Those that stand out include linebacker (Smart, Mohler, Sipili, Beatty and Rippy), quarterback (Hansen or Hawkins), defensive line (who knows), cornerback (J. Brown, C. Brown, J. Smith and Burney) and of course, running back. Hagan will probably put Sumler in that first team spot, that is what he does, most of the time last year Sumler was first on the depth chart.

Yes, the spring depth chart means nothing, many times coaches will put a player as second or third string to motivate but it is always good to get a look at what the coaches are thinking.

Colorado_mediumThe CU women's tennis team will wrap up it's regular season, traveling to Norman, Okla. (host site of the Big 12 tournament) to play the fifth ranked Baylor Bears Wednesday in a match that was postponed due to inclement weather. Nebraska closes the season at Texas Tech on April 22 as well. The 4th and 5th seeds in the Big 12 tournament will be decided on on the outcome of those matches. It looks like a Colorado win against the #1 team in the Big 12 in Baylor or a Nebraska loss to the Red Raiders, who is currently 7th in the Big 12, will get the Buffs that coveted four seed.

The four seed is huge because it would give the Buffs a day off and a bye in the first round. If they lose and Nebraska wins, the Buffs will then have to play the next day against Kansas State.

Colorado_mediumKara Goucher, former Colorado Buffalo track star, finished third in the Boston marathon, just nine seconds short of being the first American to win the event since 1985.

Colorado_mediumI read this yesterday and I passed it off as a complete joke, no way ESPN would remove Chris Fowler (CU alum), Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit from the Gameday set, no f'in way. Better yet, no way Home Depot would want that. Well the story won't go away. Rumor is the new threesome would be Karl Ravich (he is okay, but stick to Baseball Tonight), Tommy Tuberville (monotone and I don't care what he has to say) and Lou Holtz (I like Lou but not on TV, I can't stand anymore Dr. Lou spots). This can't be true right? The ratings would take a huge hit and if I were FoxSports, I would assemble a sweet crew because their are going to be a lot of viewers waking up on Saturday morning for their fix.

Colorado_mediumTwitter contest update...okay, here is the deal. I don't care about the 5,000 followers that much but I will not tolerate or accept losing to Nebraska. Neither should you, let's be the number one college blog on SBNation (and beat freaking Nebraska). Tell your buddies, tell your family, your co-workers, anyone you can...we will not lose to Nebraska.