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Plenty of People Having A Laugh at the New Helmet Cams

It must be a slow news day in college football land as the new helmet cams have provided the blog universe a chance to do their favorite thing: couple "it's not intramurals brother" with "the father-son relationship."

I do have to say some comments are pretty clever, with Dr. Saturday mentioning the real reason for the new QB helmet cams is to catch the infamous green laser guy who shined Oklahoma State QB Zac Robinson in the eye last year at Folsom Field.

I also like the take from Bootlegger Sports, who wonders why the footage always shows the quarterback looking at the running back's backside. Further, they go on to say that Dan Hawkins is now making Cody Hawkins wear the head cam at all times to keep tabs on his habits and tendencies.

A comment on Roll Bama Roll also got me laughing: "It's Division One Football. If you want to wear a helmet cam, go play in the XFL brotha!"

But Corn Nation sets themselves up with a "shock collar" reference. The only "shock collar" that I see needed is on your whacked out, anger-management needed coach who can't realize on his own that he has crossed the line (whether it is yelling at officials, verbally destroying a player or public intoxication). 


Can you see it now, old Tom Osborne sitting up in the AD booth, asking the youthful members next to him for the 50th time, "I keep forgetting, do I push the red or green button to shock Pelini?"


Maybe they should get one of those vodoo dolls from Indiana Jones instead for Osborne, that way we take the technology out of the picture.