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4/16 Buff Bites

Josh Smith runs away from a Colorado State player on his way to a kickoff return for a touchdown.
Josh Smith runs away from a Colorado State player on his way to a kickoff return for a touchdown.

Colorado_mediumThis is one of the better articles has put out this spring and it is about the wide receivers. Some interesting and funny tidbits about each of the big three receivers:

The usual comments were made about Simas:

"He's the complete package," Kiesau said. "He needs to maintain focus off the field, and if he can do that, he has the potential to have a very special three year career on the field.  He's heads and shoulders above anybody else right now."

 "Markques Simas is definitely a guy that was missed last year," CU quarterback Cody Hawkins said. "He's a big receiver for us; he's always going to make a lot of plays.  I'm confident in the guys we have and we're going to dress things up a bit and put our play makers in position to do what they do best."

We need him to be head and shoulders above everyone else. I can't wait to see how he handles a full year at the college level. He still has things to prove and if he can be a consistent, hard worker both on-the-field and off of it, it will go a long way to stabilizing the position. Just from the practices I have been to this year, coaches have been very interesting to watch how they deal with Simas. They really want to instill in him to appreciate the opportunity, that he won't be given free passes and visualize Folsom going nuts after a huge performance.

And always look for Josh Smith to say something, whether it is him comparing himself to Jeremy Maclin or sizing himself up with the Atlanta Hawks athletic forward, Josh Smith:

The third scholarship receiver is Josh Smith, self nick-named J-Fly, one of the most dynamic players both on the field and off.  When recently asked by a student reporter what he feels about who the better athlete is between himself and the Atlanta Hawks' Josh Smith, he jokingly said, "Well, I think I just passed him on Google images last week, so that says something."

Colorado_mediumSome basketball news. Again, California guard, Shannon Sharpe signed his letter of intent yesterday, becoming the fourth player to join the 2009 class. Ryan Thornburn of the BDC talks about one of the other newcomers, Missouri basketball player of the year, G Alec Burks, as well as there possibly being "light at the end of the tunnel" where we can start seeing CU basketball turn the corner.

Burk sounds like he has some moxy to him:

"It was bittersweet," Burks said of following the Buffs, who finished 9-22 overall and just 1-15 in the Big 12, from a distance. "I went and saw the game when we almost beat Kansas. If I was out there I think we would have won. Next year we should be able to win that game."

In case you hadn't noticed, Burks is extremely confident that he will be able to make an immediate impact at CU.

"I think my shooting, ball handling, passing and competitiveness will all translate well to college. I need to work on defense."

Youth and physical toughness to compete in a power conference are still major questions surrounding this team. I do like Sharpe and Burks, I think they will compliment Cory Higgins well but the key will be sophomore Toby Veal and newcomer C Shane Harris-Tunks establishing an inside presence, an area the Buffs were outclassed in last year.

Colorado_mediumTom Kensler of the Denver Post enjoys new offensive line coach, Denver Johnson's sense of humor.

"Well, I've got a brother named Houston and a brother named Dallas. At one time, when I was playing pro ball for the (USFL's) Houston Gamblers, I lived in Houston and Houston lived in Denver. It just drove my mother nuts," Johnson said.

Colorado_mediumDan Hawkins has singled out four linemen who are seperating themselves from the field in the early going: 

Eugene Goree, Taj Kaynor, Marquez Herrod and Will Pericak as defensive linemen who are standing out through nine spring practices

I can vouch for Pericak, he showed well in the last scrimmage and we have heard great things about Kaynor turning the corner. A little surprised about the lack of hype around Conrad Obi right now as I thought he would really impress this offseason and we haven't heard a lot from Curtis Cunningham, although was iffy whether he would be a full participant this spring due to injury.

Colorado_mediumThe Buffs tennis team will look to improve to an impressive 8 - 2 conference record this weekend at home against Iowa State and Nebraska. Friday's Iowa State match will be moved inside the Millennium Harvest House so no need to worry about the weather.