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Exciting WR News "Buff Bites"

 Former Michigan WR Toney Clemons is visiting Colorado this weekend and maybe transferring into Boulder. Darian Hagan was responsible for Clemons' recruitment in 2007 before he decided on Ann Arbor - Via: MGoBlue
Former Michigan WR Toney Clemons is visiting Colorado this weekend and maybe transferring into Boulder. Darian Hagan was responsible for Clemons' recruitment in 2007 before he decided on Ann Arbor - Via: MGoBlue

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo of the BDC has a some exciting news regarding a former Michigan wide receiver possibly transferring to Colorado. Toney Clemons, a four star recruit in 2007 (same year as Markques Simas), has left Michigan and Colorado might be his final destination. Of course he would have to sit out next year but if Simmons gets in, Simas develops, either Ussery or Darden pan out, I can start to see a solid class developing for 2010. Recruiting freshmen at that spot will be critical as Clemons would have only two years of eligibility left and Simmons would be a senior in 2010. You also have to factor in the possibility of 6'3" WR Stanley Jean Baptiste becoming a Buff. He visited Colorado last weekend, enjoyed it and is now waiting for an offer from the Buffs. It sounds like it is between us and of course, Oregon. Come back, Diante!

Back to Clemons. Just looking back on his rivals 2007 recruiting profile, he was ranked the 91st prospect overall and the 12th ranked wide receiver (Markques Simas was #20 that year). Last year, he had 12 receptions for 106 yards at Michigan. We are trying to get a scouting report from Dave at Maize n Brew, the Michigan SBNation site. Clemons is currently listed at 6'3" 201 pounds (that sounds about right!). He has a youtube video out there if you search for Toney Clemons (can't add because I am at work). The title will say T Clemons or T Clems. Clemons is the cousin of former Michigan and current Arizona Cardinals receiver, Steve Breaston.

As for why Clemons transferred from Michigan, Ringo provides the scoop:

"It just wasn't a good fit for me depth chart-wise, system-wise," he said. "I didn't feel like I was getting utilized the way I wanted to. I didn't feel like they used my talent, my fast speed and route running to stretch the field. I just had to go somewhere where I feel my talent would be utilized and somewhere I feel I have a chance to come in and be a factor in. I feel Colorado is a system that will allow me to do that offensively."

At the time of the transfer, Clemons had this to say about Rich Rod and Michigan:

"Athletically, this is the right move for me," Clemons is quoted as saying in the newspaper. "I want to take my blessings and gifts elsewhere."

"I had a long talk with (coach Rich Rodriguez) and he wasn't too happy with me leaving," Clemons said. "I just don't want to play in a spread offense."

Glad we got out of the spread!!! More on Clemons as we receive scouting reports.

I know we bag on the quarterbacks a lot as CU fans but I was thinking last night, Cody Hawkins has been extremely hampered by his supporting cast, specifically at wide receiver. Clemons and Jean Baptiste would go a long way to getting more options and potential at the wide receiver spot.

Colorado_mediumB.G. Brooks talks about the quarterback race and relays some information about what Mark Helfrich wants to see each quarterback improve on:

For Hansen, that would be even more time spent with his mind immersed in the playbook and making every snap in practice count.

For Hawkins, it would be suppressing an instinct to gamble, instead turning to the relatively sure thing when the opportunity presents itself.


In assessing Hansen's Saturday work, Helfrich said the sophomore "did a lot of things that he hasn't done before in 11-on-11 situations - just as far as seeing second and third guys (options in the passing game), or throwing on time to the first guy, that kind of thing. I just think he can really grow in his confidence and knowledge.''

He also said Hansen showed improvement "just in running the show. He did fairly well there, but there were a couple of times where we might have had a delay (of game) in real life.''

Of Hawkins, Helfrich said the junior once again demonstrated his knowledge of the offense and his composure before the ball was snapped: "Just communication-wise, he had a couple of route signals at the line of scrimmage - one that led to one of (Jason) Espinoza's touchdowns.''

On the flip side, though, Helfrich said Hawkins might have guilty of being "a little too cute with a couple of things instead of being solid and taking what's there. He had a couple of No.1s (receiver options) in the progression wide open, and he's trying to get the ball somewhere else.

Amen to the comment about not gambling for Hawkins. We need to see a better TD to INT ratio, something that would be minimized by Hawkins going through his pre-snap reads and progression in the passing game. Taking the first read is never a bad thing, especially for sustaining drives, something that killed the Buffs defense last year.

Colorado_mediumAccording to, it is not known whether or not Friday's scrimmage will be open to the public. Dan Hawkins is now worried about the fans getting trampled if the game is not hosted in Folsom Field:

"We're probably not going to get in the stadium," Hawkins said.  "That may dictate whether we're open or not.  If we're down here (on the practice fields), it's tough because where do people go and where do they stand without getting run over.  The weather will play a role, as well.  If it's closed, it will be because it's down here more than anything."

Colorado_mediumAfter the first round of play at the UCCS Springs Invitational Colorado redshirt freshman golfer Sebastian Heisele is tied for fourth place.  Playing on the Broadmoor East course, Heisele turned in 37's on the front and back nine for a 2 over par finish. With only three golfers competing, CU is not eligable for the team competition.  Due to weather in Colorado Springs on Sunday, the event has been to 36 holes.

Colorado_mediumIn other news around the Big 12, Kansas stars Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich are returning next season for the Jayhawks. Andy Katz has already said they are the favorite to win it all next season.

Colorado_mediumPhil Dailey of the Idaho Press Tribune has some comments about Dan Hawkins closing practices when he once let ESPNU telecast Boise State's spring game. He says the losing record must be the reason:

He said too much info was getting out about the team. Too much Twitter. Too much chatter on message boards.

I would think you'd want people to talk about your team, especially one that's 13-24 since you took over.

But the losing is likely reason No. 1 for the move. When Hawkins was at Boise State, he let ESPNU broadcast the Broncos' spring game.