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Sunday Buff Bites


Colorado_mediumI have to put this at the top because it provided me a good chuckle. This from CSU's spring camp:

Tweet, tweet.

Fairchild said CSU fans can text, Twitter, tweet and photograph to their heart's content at the Rams' practices.

Repeated violations of the "no cellphone" edict prompted Colorado coach Dan Hawkins to shut down practices to fans, except for scrimmages.

"I would like our fans to come out here and Twitter or tweet or whatever they do," Fairchild said. "I'll close it if I don't want anybody to see it."

Colorado_mediumWe are going to see more and more quotes like this. Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune:

Is it possible Colorado Buffaloes football Coach Dan Hawkins might have accidently inhaled the fumes his Boulder campus is famous for producing? Dude's sounding awful paranoid these days.

Colorado_mediumHere are the stats from yesterday's practice. This was a very situational scrimmage with goal line, 3rd down, shortened field, lengthened field segments. Very rarely would they put Josh Smith and Markques Simas on the field together. Cornerback's Anthony Wright, Jalil Brown and Ben Burney did not play yesterday. Like I said yesterday, a ton of people played and I wouldn't make too much of the 535 yards passing and limited running game. The Buffs were clearly working on the passing game yesterday (51 passing attempts vs. 33 running attempts). It was a vanilla running game. Also, you have to consider Ryan Miller (injured during scrimmage - Coach Hawkins said twisted ankle in John Henderson's post article, not me reporting on injuries!), Blake Behrens, Devin Head, Matt Bahr and Max Tuioti-Mariner are still hurt. Add the cornerback injuries and this team still has more to show than what we saw yesterday. Basically, don't freak out about the running game yet, CU isn't going to be throwing the ball 51 times a game!

I was pretty impressed that their wasn't any turnovers yesterday and ticky-tack penalties were at a minimum. has many player interviews, scrimmage video footage and scrimmage recaps.

Colorado_mediumJohn Henderson of the Denver Post writes that the quarterbacks did well yesterday but their is still cause for concern in looking at a still injured offensive line and the depth at wide receiver. Scotty McKnight was out of commission yesterday but Espinoza and Maxwell responded very well.

Colorado_mediumB.G. Brooks also mentions the strong offensive performance at wide receiver and tight end yesterday. The practice started out well with a 70 yard connection from QB Tyler Hansen to TE Patrick Devenny.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo of the Boulder Daily Camera notes that rotating quarterbacks might be a viable option in 2009. I am with Tyler Hansen on this one. Yeah, I would be fine with it but it better be very different than last year where the Buffs became very predictable. It looks like Tyler Hansen is trying to evolve his game to remove that stigma of Hawkins being the better pocket passer but I would still like to see Hansen continue to work on throwing on the boot to give the team that run/pass capability.

Colorado_mediumNeil Woelk has a nice piece on WR Jason Espinoza.

Colorado_mediumAll of these articles are starting to sound the same...Scotty McKnight was out of practice yesterday because of strained triceps. He was still able to participate, holding the ball for field goals. Dan Hawkins also said that they are going to work more on the no huddle next week. I almost threw a fit when I saw Hansen in the shotgun yesterday with Darrell Scott at his side. Three deep draw hand-offs led to about two total yards and that was the last we saw of that...hopefully for the rest of eternity.

Colorado_mediumHere is a fan blog post from and it is on the Huskers' spring practice.

#2 - If Zac Lee is 6'2" then I'm nine feet tall. Easily the shortest of our quarterbacks, Lee is also the fastest. My concern is his ability to throw the ball over the defensive line. I'm sure they said the same thing about KU's Todd Reesing though. Zac has good arm strength and knows the offense better than the other Husker QB's, so he'll be the starter.