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Friday Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo talks about the practices being closed. talks about the scrimmage on Saturday and what Hawkins hopes to accomplish. Hawkins also offers some insight into why they closed practices:

"Opponents shouldn't be able to scout us by reading a blog or paper," Hawkins said. "The reality is we've tried to be as fan and media friendly as we possibly can, and if you check around the Big 12, we're probably better than everybody else in terms of what we've done.  It's unfortunate, but it's something we have to do."

Colorado_mediumLost in the shuffle was a scary moment at yesterday's practice involving running back Demetrius Sumler:

TB Demetrius Sumler suffered a neck injury during practice and was taken by ambulance to Boulder Community Hospital for some precautionary tests; trainer Miguel Rueda reported three hours later than all tests were negative.  Sumler stood off to the side for several minutes after practice as the ambulance made its way to campus and had full use of all his extremities. He needs to be examined by CU medical personnel to determine when he will return to practice.

Colorado_mediumMore on Matt Ballenger from the Daily Camera talking about the quarterback race. Earlier this week, coach Mark Helfrich said that Ballenger had been outperformed by Tyler Hansen and Cody Hawkins in a B.G. Brooks article. The BDC asked Ballenger if he thinks he had an equal opportunity in the race:

"I don't know that I'm at liberty to answer that," Ballenger said. "I don't want to cause anything between me and Helfrich. That's up to him and what he decides is what he decides. It's up to him and what he decides is obviously what is best for the team. I've just got to keep working hard."

Colorado_mediumThe Longmont Times checks up on the kickers and Coach Riddle sounds happy with their progress.

"They worked their butts off," Riddle said. "I'd love to tell you it was more than that, but both of those guys worked their tails off and studied a lot of film and kicked a lot. The other side of it is, I think they both realized this is their opportunity ... so they're making the best of it."

Colorado_mediumB.G. Brooks of INDenverTimes offers up some input on the defensive line, specifically Eugene Goree's attempt at being the starting nose tackle. Saturday's scrimmage will be the first time that most of us get a good look at the defensive line and what the 2009 season could hold for them. You never know. I remember last year that many people were worried about the defensive backs and really, they turned out to be a strength. Maybe this year, the defensive line will surprise us.