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"Blogosphere Having Fun With Hawkins" Buff Bites

To the news:

Colorado_mediumI found this Big 12 quarterback ranking from Of course, the Buffs are rated 11th out of 12 with both Missouri and Nebraska right ahead of the them. I can't really complain too much. We don't know that much about Nebraska and Missouri's quarterbacks to put them below Colorado, even if Hawkins has the experience on them. When you are battling for the 9th, 10th, 11th position in the quarterback rankings, it is hard to argue that your quarterback should be better than the rankings. Now, I can't defend their ranking of Tood Reesing as the 5th best quarterback in the Big 12. I know their is a love fest for Zach Robinson at Oklahoma State but I would take Todd Reesing 9 out of 10 times. Oklahoma State was loaded on offense last year with first round talent at offensive line, tight end and wide receiver with Kendall Hunter being no slouch. Reesing does more with less and is a straight up baller.

Colorado_mediumEDSBS put this spoof out there about Dan Hawkins and his claim to win 10 games this year, the Toledo game switch (even though they think we backed out...minus 2 points) and Hawkins' sometimes crazy zen approach. Pretty amusing, still hopefully Hawkins makes them eat their words. Then we can prepare a proper response to them. Memory bank all of this stuff.

This article from the Sporting News Blog infers that Hawkins maybe insane...dude, your about a month late with all of this talk.

Colorado_mediumColorado and Colorado State's schedules are now finalized. It is still a must that the Buffs start 3 - 0 this season and I don't think that it is too much to ask to win these games convincingly. A message needs to be sent and confidence needs to be raised.

Colorado_mediumPatrick Ridgell of the Longmont Times says what all Buff fans hope happens this offseason:

The key? Stop the attrition. Stay healthy, eligible and out of trouble, and the Buffs have a chance.

Colorado_mediumB.G. Brooks, now a writer at In Denver Times, a substitute for the Rocky Mountain News, says that Hawkins is not backing down from his "ten wins and no excuses" statement. Hawkins calls it a challenge to the team and wants to set the bar high.

Of course, Husker fans can also supposedly read (but that has not been confirmed) and have had some pretty intriguing comments to say the least. Here are some of my favorites:

Now, 10 wins, ha ha ha ha this ain't intramurals brotha, this is big 12 football, and the kid qb is a midget, good luck finding a job after 2009 hawk...two thoughts of advice, start Hansen and get a new haircut.

Lucky for CU that Montana St is not on the schedule this year.

And they are still quite fond of the "intramurals" rant...

As many have said, someone needs to remind Hawkins that this isn't intramurals. Short of being the recipient of 4 or 5 forfeits due to their opponents using ineligible players, Colorado doesn't sniff the projected top 3 in the Big 12 North for 2009 (Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri).