My Life as a D3 Player: The End of Colorado College Football


So, in my previous lifetime, I was a student and brief football player (before injury) at The Colorado College, a small division III school in Colorado Springs, CO. Just this week, their football program was canceled due to the economic conditions and the problems of keeping small programs who don't generate revenue afloat. Still, football has been played at Colorado College for 127 years, now it is gone, and with it, a legacy and a tradition for many. I found this little blog from a freshman football player from my former college, someone aspiring to work in broadcasting, majoring in English who is probably going to have to transfer because of that undying desire to play football, as he calls it, "the purest form of football." I posted this because I sort of identified with him, I transferred into Colorado College to continue my football career for that same reason as he says: "Football means almost everything to me, and I couldn’t live with myself not knowing I’d exhausted all playing opportunities. To be honest, I don’t know how I’m going to live without football once my senior season is over. So to not play my remaining three seasons would be the biggest regret of my life." Now he will probably transfer out for the same reason I transferred in. Their are no scholarships at Colorado College for football, just a desire to play a sport you love and be a part of a team. Although my injury precluded me from ever playing a game at Colorado College, over that brief stint, you realized that this level of football brought together great, hard working people. Today, many of my friends, former alumni, current players, has, as this current player says, "lost a family." In the end, whether division I or division III, most of these athletes are just good college kids doing something they love.