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"Spring Schedule Released" Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumHell yes. I have been waiting for a what seems like a month for these dates. 15 simple little numbers. The April 11th scrimmage and the April 17th scrimmage will be must attends for me. I can't wait to get a glimpse. For the complete schedule, check this link from the Boulder Daily Camera.

Colorado_mediumA good article on new offensive line coach Denver Johnson, who is excited about making that jump to a strong running team, emphasizing the Buffs obvious strength. I like how their doesn't seem to be a huge difference in terms of technique from Grimes to Johnson. That will be big on the learning curve. Johnson certainly does have some quality experience, mentors and coaching mates on his resume. Hope he sticks around for a while as a I see his Southern ties having a nice boost to recruiting.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo holds a Q&A session every Monday, here is the transcript which has some decent information in it. Ringo makes a prediction that OT Bryce Givens will be starting at tackle this season with Ryan Miller moving inside to guard. Like us, he has Mike Iltis at center, Blake Behrens at the other guard and Nate Solder holding down left tackle. Sign me up.

Colorado_mediumFor some reason, many early predictions have the Nebraska Cornhuskers winning the Big 12 North this year. Kansas is another good pick and I can back that but does anyone else think the Huskers are less complete than the Buffs on the offensive side of the ball? Corn Nation does a good job previewing the wide receivers and quarterbacks for 2009 but these statements sort of make me chuckle at where all of this optimism is coming from (not necessarily the optimism from Corn Nation, just Husker fans in general):

Enter 2009 and the Huskers will be breaking in a brand new quarterback. Of the top three prospects - Zac Lee, Kody Spano, and Cody Green - only Lee has taken snaps in a game. Regardless of who's anointed as the next starter (and there will be no starter announced in the spring) remember that there will be growing pains come fall.

Rumor is Green (true freaking freshman), the next anointed one and Husker fans pick for Heisman in 2010, has torn a groin muscle that will put him out until fall. Patrick Witt, odds on favorite at starter, left the program (even though now Husker fans will tell you he never would have seen the field and he was never ever the odds on favorite, they didn't even want him when he was getting recruited) and now Zac Lee is the Huskers' 2009 pick for Heisman based on his stellar performance last year: 1 - 2 for eight yards.

This really gets me going and this is not a knock on Corn Nation because this little tidbit is believed by all Husker fans:

Despite little playing time, Lee has been around the program long enough to learn Shawn Watson's complex offense

If you remember, Watson coached the Buffs' offense at one time and well, complex is not the word I would use to describe it.

Then my favorite, was the stat about the wide receivers:

Nebraska's top returning receiver coming into spring is tight end Mike McNeill. In 2008, McNeill had 32 receptions for 442 yards. He comes into 2009 with more touchdown receptions than the rest of the receiving corps combined.

This offense is going to be prolific through the air. I guess I shouldn't talk with our stellar quarterback play over the past two years but I also don't think the Buffs are necessarily going to win the North. The combination of Simas, JFly, McKnight and hopefully Simmons, has to be better than what the Huskers have on the field at wide out. The way things are shaping up in my mind, the Buffs should have a better offense than the Huskers in 2009. Thats right, I said it.