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Friday Buff Bites

Hopefully your brackets are pretty unscathed. Unless you got crazy and picked a ton of upsets, you should be feeling pretty good about your chances of still making a run at things.

Colorado_mediumOh Slick Rick, the title of this one makes me laugh: Rick Neuheisel Warns Public on Dangers of Filling Out Bracket.

Colorado_mediumCan we now back out of the Toledo game? I mean, Miami (OH) did it to us. From my perspective, I think the Buffs as a Big 12 school got jobbed. Miami (OH) got out of a deal without having to pay $750K because they found a "suitable" pairing for the Buffs. In the meantime, while saving $750K, they will ultimately get a bigger pay day by playing Kentucky assuming they sell their allotment of tickets. Meanwhile, that "suitable" partner just got a home game on ESPN with a Big 12 team without having to reciprocate anything. So they got their pay day, just like Miami (OH). As for the Buffs, well, we got nothing except a trip to Toledo and nothing to gain financially. Anyone else think we got the raw end of the deal on this one? Was the ESPN deal that strong of a draw to allow the MAC to move us like this? I guess the home team in the scenario has all the power. Either way, it is like nothing happened from our standpoint, we are still on the road playing a MAC team on ESPN but when the other two schools make out better than we did, something doesn't feel right about that.

Colorado_mediumThe dominoes are still falling from the schedule shake out. Toledo was supposed to play Boise State on Sept 11, the day now looks like it will match Toledo vs. Colorado. The Broncos will probably replace with Bowling Green. The MAC has been messing around with Boise State for a while now as this will be the third year that a MAC team has bowed out of a game with the Broncos. list Dan Hawkins as one of the coaches that need to win big this year:

Three Big-Name Coaches Who Won't Be Fired, But Need To Get Their Mojo Back

Dan Hawkins, Colorado

The Buffaloes were devastated by injuries in a 5-7 season, and while it was a bad break for last year, losing four of the last five games and seven of the last nine, it's a plus for this season with an influx of talent about to kick in thanks to the return of so many key contributors. That's the hope, anyway. With a disastrous 13-24 start, the Hawkins era hasn't exactly worked out as expected when he was lured away from Boise State. Even so, he's not on any sort of hot seat and there's no talk whatsoever about anything other than how improved the Buffs should be. He's still considered an elite head coach and he's still thought of as a tremendously inventive offensive mind, but the results have to start kicking in.

Colorado_medium2009 Buff commit Deji Olatoye's high school basketball team won the Division 1 District Championship in Ohio this week. Olatoye had 10 points and 9 rebounds in the win. Remember Olatoye's teammate and supposed silent Buff commit, Bradley McDougald, who ended up going to Kansas? He went for 29 points, a career high for the future Jayhawk wideout.