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Let the Madness Begin Buff Bites

So begins one of the two best days of the year.  Non-stop basketball madness with 3 and 4 games at a time and upsets galore. The games have already begun (so I guess that Butler over UNC pick isn't going to happen...) and I sure most of you are having the least productive work day in a long time.  As a reminder the tournament coverage here on SBNation will be fast and furious over at Searching for Billy Edelin, our general college basketball blog.  There will be plenty of action on the open threads over there so head on over.

Colorado_mediumI can't start with anything other than this post from Peter Bean at Burnt Orange Nation.  Anytime you can reference and discuss The Wire (aka the best show to ever appear on tv) then you have earned some points in my book.  Nice work Peter.

Colorado_mediumIt has gotten a ton of coverage for some reason so I am sure you have all seen or heard the big deal made out of Barack Obama filling out his bracket (he picks UNC to win it all), but did any of you see Coach K comment on it on Sportscenter this morning? Telling Obama that he should be worrying about the economy instead of talking about the tournament was just plain stupid. Don't worry Mike, I'm sure Barack didn't put more than two mintues of thought into his "picks" and the stock market shouldn't suffer too much.

Colorado_mediumThe Buffs may have not been invited to any post season tournaments this year (hopefully for the last time in a while) but that doesn't mean that they can't stage their own version of "March Madness".  We learned earlier this year about Hawkins dividing his players up into "accountability groups" so that the team could watch over each other in an effort to keep them from getting into the offseason shenanhagans happened last year.  Well last night was the "final four" of a basketball tournament that they have been staging between the groups over the last few weeks.   Any guesses on what players may have been on the championship team?  I'd be willing to bet that very few of you mentioned Cody Hawkins, Jason Espinoza or Speedy Stewart but they were the leaders of the team who took home the title.

Tim Griffin of goes around the Big 12 looking at each teams quarterback situation. Man, do I hate when they do this like this for the Buffs. Calling Clark Evans and Austin Hinder...we are waiting for you! Bring us stability!

Colorado_mediumSome good news for the Buffalo football team.  Fifth year senior cornerback Ben Burney will participate in spring drills when they start in 12 short days.

Colorado_mediumFinally, two Quarterback tidbits from our friends to the East. 

- Former Miami QB Robert Marve has now declared that Nebraksa is one of the schools that he will consider transferring to and that he will be taking a visit to the Cornhuskers Spring Game.  It seems like this kid is "considering" nearly half of the Big 12 but it looks as though the interest isn't being reciprocated nearly as much as he would like.

- Remember when  Nebraksa fans were claiming former hotshot recruit Harrison Beck to be the next big thing in Lincoln?  Well, he certainly sees the Russell Wilson writing on the wall and will be transferring to the University of North Alabama.  Good luck with that.