Looks Like This Whole Miami (OH) Game Will Affect Multiple Teams, Maybe Boise State

From A Miami spokesman said earlier this week that the school had completed its schedule and that Colorado, who was supposed to play the RedHawks on Sept. 12, was not on it. Sources close to the situation say that Colorado now will play Toledo on Friday, Sept. 11. But according to Toledo's preliminary schedule, it is slated to play at Purdue, against Boise State, against Ohio State in Cleveland and at Florida International. Boise State could be the team bumped and face one of the other aforementioned teams. Much of this movement is to satisfy the Mid-American Conference's deal with television as well as a deal Colorado has with ESPN to have a nonconference game televised in Ohio this year. Nothing against the MAC but for them to be jerking a BCS school around like this is pretty weak, especially a home game for them and to do it 6 months before the season starts is also bush league. Now I want to play them even more and put 50 on them. Better yet, let's stick it to them financially and take the $750,000.