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Buff Bites - 3/12/09

Colorado_mediumAs we wrote yesterday, the 2009 Buffalo basketball season came to a quick and merciful ending on Wednesday as the Buffs fell to the Texas Longhorns 67-56 in Oklahoma City. This offseason will be an important one for Coach Bzdelik, in the same vein that this summer is for Coach Hawkins, as the program MUST show discernible progress next year or serious questions will have to be asked.

The Buffs may be done, but if you are any kind of college basketball fan you should continue to stay follow this years Big 12 Tournament as it promises to bring plenty more thrilling finishes and great performances (as we saw last night from Tech). The Big 12 Twitter feed is doing a great job of following the action live and is it great way to keep you busy at work these next two days.

Colorado_mediumAs I type this it looks like another CU sport will have it's season end today as the women are down to Kansas State 36-17 at the half. Here is BuffZone's game preview if you feel like going back in time and holding on to some optimism.

Colorado_mediumThe Wiz of Odds takes a look at the mysterious situation surrounding the 2009 game at Miami of Ohio. This mess is getting old really quickly and I wish Miami would get their heads out of their asses so that we could move on. Has the Mac REALLY not released their conference schedule yet? What are they waiting on?

Colorado_mediumAs NebraksaSux mentioned yesterday, Austin Hinder was named to the inaugural 2010 Rivals 100 list, making the cut at #76. Expect a lot of movement with this list as the year progresses and more and more film and games can be analyzed. There is a ton of interest in Hinder and you can expect Coach Hawkins to have an uphill battle if he hopes to continue his streak of landing the state's best talent.

Colorado_mediumYesterday's ski team action was cancelled due to bad weather conditions at Sunday River. You can read a good preview of the action from Doug here.

Irish and I are going to make sure that we make the Buff Bites a daily occurance Monday through Friday but we need some input from you. Check out the poll below and let us know how we can best bring you the best CU info the web has to offer.

For your time here's a great jam to get you through the day.

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks