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Tuesday Buff Bites

Busy day on the news wire for the Buffs. Football, football, good.


Colorado_mediumThe Pro Day results have been posted on Again I will put them in with the combine results and show you where each would have placed if they were at the combine. Like we said yesterday, LB Brad Jones showed well in the linebacker drills and opened eyes with his forty:

One of the players who stood out today was Brad Jones.  One scout clocked his 40-yard dash time at 4.54 which would have been the fastest among the 26 linebackers invited to the combine, but most scouts had it around 4.60 which would have been good for the second fastest time by a linebacker (behind Wake Forest's Aaron Curry 4.56).  Jones also showed well in other drills, as he would have had the fastest 3-cone time (4.75), fourth fastest time in both the 60-yard shuttle (11.62) and the 20-yard shuttle (4.21) and he would have tied for eighth in the broad jump at 9'11.  Jones also showed well in the linebacker position drills.

For more on the rest of the player's results, check out the According to the Daily Camera, WR Patrick Williams also impressed. Williams caught all of the balls thrown his way and ran a 4.5 forty. What really caught the scouts eye was his 11 foot broad jump, which would have been good for third at the combine among wide outs.

Here is a video of the Pro Day from the Daily Camera.

Following up on their article on Matt Ballenger, the Boulder Daily Camera touches on what QB Tyler Hansen needs to do this offseason to win the spot. Of course, learning more of the offense and progressing after being thrown in a freshman is a must. The article also brings up a good point that CU going away from the spread offense might give Ballenger and Hawkins a leg up on Hansen because they are more pocket quarterbacks and one of Hansen's attritubes is his athletic ability, something that won't be featured as much this year.


Colorado_mediumDave Plati of the Colorado Sports Information Department has put out his monthly "Plati-'Tudes. It is always a good read for diehard Buff fans. I found this particularly interesting. Nothing new but the Miami (OH) game continues to be up in the air:

Q: What is going on with Miami-Ohio game in football.  It seems like it's dragging out, when will we know for sure?

A: Any day now has been the standard answer for the last month because that's the truth.   First of all, this thing goes on all the time, an opponent wants out of or to delay a game for a variety of reasons, but seldom has it ever been as public as this one has been.  That's in part to a newspaper report in Lexington that Kentucky and Miami wanted to play in Cincinnati on Sept. 5, so for that to happen, Miami had to free up on a non-league game; the RedHawks were set to play Northwestern (on the 5th), Colorado, Boise State and Cincinnati.  ESPN, which helped us last year when North Carolina wanted out of the series with the Buffs and matched us with West Virginia, which had Maryland do the same, often plays a role in helping move games and opponents around, and especially is in this case: the CU at Miami game (on Sept. 11/12) was promised to be televised by the network, the only reason we agreed to play at Miami in the first place.  So discussions to get this done could involve up to eight schools, and that takes a lot of time and a lot of phone calls.  When the smoke clears, we could still play at Miami or another MAC school; it won't be a home game, as there are no I-A/FBS teams looking for road games six months ahead of the start of the season and our season ticket packages have been announced and are in the midst of the renewal process.

Colorado_mediumNeil Woelk of the Daily Camera thinks the QB battle will be fun this offseason. I don't know if fun was the right word...certainly not fun.