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It's Going to Be a Rough One "Buff Bites"

Well, all signs point to it being a rough one today as Jeff Bzdelik and his team head on out to Norman, Oklahoma to face the #2 ranked Sooners. Currently, the Buffs are 21 point dogs as a glaring weakness in this year's team will be exposed like no one else has exposed it all year. Although the CU has played ten times better than the start of the season, almost beating a red hot Kansas State team and within a few buckets of upsetting Kansas, Blake Griffin and the Sooners have too much inside for the Buffs to match. Baring a torn knee or a catastrophic injury, Griffin will be the #1 pick in the upcoming draft as he is averaging over 22 ppg and 14 rpg. He is strictly a beast in the middle. But OU isn't just Blake Griffin (he will provide the most hurt today) but they also have balanced scoring in Willie Warren (15.1 ppg), Tony Crocker (9.9 ppg), Taylor Griffin (9.1 ppg) and Austin Johnson (8.7 ppg).

The good news is that CU beat Oklahoma last year and that big Blake Griffin but Griffin is a bigger and better player than he was last year. Last year, watching him live in Boulder, he looked lazy and apprehensive. This year, he plays fast and has a chip on his shoulder to dominate the game. Add better performances out of Johnson and true freshman Willie Warren, this OU team is just better. It will be interesting to see who CU puts on Griffin to stop the most dominant player in college basketball today. The game is Altitude at 11:30 MT. We will have a game thread up.

More on today's game:
-OU wants to get tougher on the boards today after getting outrebounded by Texas A&M by a healthy margin. Well, CU is your get well medicine. Colorado comes in 309th out of 330 in rebounding margin (-5).

-From, CU will take on their first nationally ranked opponent this season.


Colorado_mediumNot a lot of news on the football front today, just one video for you that will take up some of your time:

Buffstv has the recruiting luncheon on video. I would recommend skipping the first 14 minutes of it because it is pretty useless. Once again, pray Andre Simmons qualifies.