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"A Little More Insight into the Diante Jackson Decision" Buff Bites

Yesterday, I asked DJ if his family played a big role in his decision to recommit to Oregon. He said "they were big, but ultimately it was my decision." Today, the Costa Contra TImes has an article discussion the process and the behind the scenes work of his mom and grandma. You have to respect the fact that his mom made the effort to move him out of Oakland into a suburb to get him a better education and a better life. It paid off and he has become a great kid. This part of the article really caught my attention though:

In a story now well documented, Jackson gave an oral commitment to Oregon last year, then decommitted. For a time, it appeared he was almost certain to commit to Colorado or Arizona State. So Wednesday's signing ceremony in the school quad had some drama to it, even though a paper banner hanging behind Jackson's head gave it away before his announcement with the scribble "Go Ducks."

"He still hadn't made up his mind until last (Tuesday) night," Longero said. "And the calls have been nonstop. They were coming until about an hour ago."

It was in the final hours that Diante may have heard the whispers of his grandmother and mother speaking to him, even though they both were adamant they would let Jackson make his own choice and support him regardless.

"He finally called me and said, 'Mom, I just realized I want to go to Colorado but Oregon is the best place for me to be,'" Kimberly Rogers said.

We will really never know what that means but you be the judge. Time to move on from the Diante Jackson story. Good luck to him and I hope he tears it up.

Colorado_mediumIt looks like Colorado will not be playing Miami (OH) on Thursday or Friday night but instead will keep it's Saturday date, therefore probably not being televised. Once again, let's beat the guy who scheduled a home and home with Miami (OH).

Apparently, that means that Colorado’s game at Miami (Ohio) will keep its Saturday, Sept. 12 date. CU athletic director Mike Bohn had previously mentioned the possibility of that game moving to Friday night for TV.

Colorado_mediumTom Kensler of the Denver Post also said:

Hawkins said redshirt-freshman linebacker Lynn Katoa, a 2007 Parade All-American as a high school star in Salt Lake City, is on track to play this season.

Katoa was suspended for all of last season after an off-campus incident and Hawkins said in November that "(Katoa) has some work to do" before getting back in good graces.

Good news here...limit the off-the-field issues this year. We can't have one like last year.

Colorado_mediumNeil Woelk of the BDC says what I said yesterday: the 2009 class isn't what will be the deciding factor on coach Hawkins and the future of the Buffs, it will be the 2008 class." That is where all the cards lie and we need them to step up, beyond their years, and really show results.

The biggest unanswered questions concerning Buff recruiting today are these: can Darrell Scott and Ray Polk become productive members of Colorado's offense next fall? Can Tyler Hansen take the next step in his development as a quarterback? Can Jon Major return from a knee injury and become a force at linebacker? Can Max Tuioti-Mariner return from his knee injury and pick up where he left off in 2008?

Colorado_mediumThis weekend our favorite ladies on the Buffs tennis team travel to Eugene, Oregon to take on both the Ducks and the New Mexico Lobos.  Both of these matches are winnable for our Buffaloes so let's hope they take out some revenge on Oregon and bring us home two wins. Coach Kenneally has a great blog over at CUBuffs if you want to learn more...

Colorado_mediumThe 48th ranked Buffaloes golf team is starting the season off with a bang, zooming to third place after two rounds of play in the Hawaii-Hilo Invitational.  There are seven top 20 team playing in the tournament so the Buffs could skyrocket up the rankings if they hold on and continue to play well.


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